The world is getting interconnected into a closed community. That is why the nature of the work is shifting. It is one of the few industries that are transforming because of that shift. More specifically, Software development jobs are the ones that are moving towards remote work types.

Planning to hire software engineers in Ukraine? Keep reading this blog.

Ukraine’s IT industry is contributing a lot to the race for the latest inventions. Back in 2020, Ukraine’s IT industry was worth $4.5 billion, and it is growing at an exploding rate. Why is that? Well, that is because about 20,000 engineers graduate from the Top institutions in Ukraine. For instance, Ukraine’s IT sector experienced the addition of 250,000 graduates in 2021. If you are curious and want to hire development team Ukraine, consider visiting the link that is mentioned here.

The bottom line is that Ukraine is transforming the IT industry. Its companies are integrating state-of-the-art technologies to develop something that hasn’t been done before.

Reasons why you should hire Software Engineers in Ukraine

Whether it is a small app or a big data management system, it is important to hire a team that is capable enough to handle the load, can deliver the project timely, and does not affect the budget of the project. That is exactly what Ukraine has to offer to the rest of the world.

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Ukraine leads the list of the number of software engineering graduates. It is by far the only country where that many engineers are graduated every year. Whether it is software development, website development, Android development, or cyber, it is confirmed that you will be able to hire a software programmer from Ukraine.

Right now, it is the best time to hire a development team from Ukraine. The reasons for that are

COVID-19 Enigma

Countries were at the point of downfall because of the great COVID-19. The virus enabled many countries to work side by side and develop solutions so that future generation does not need to face what they faced. For instance, software such as Zoom, Duo, and Teams connected the world together, allowing companies to keep working like they were back in the day. There is another thing that came with these technologies. And that was the access to software teams all around the world.

See, Ukraine has an outstanding pool of IT specialists, and due to the video telephony software, the world got access to that pool.

Since the COVID is recent news, Ukraine’s talent is something out of the goldmine. International companies are poaching the developers of Ukraine. So, it is the best time to hire Ukrainian Software developers, or there won’t be any slots.

The clash between Russia and Ukraine

The dispute between Russia and Ukraine is turning out to be in favor of Ukraine. See, many international companies like Visa, Master Card, and other related companies are pulling out of Russia because of the war. Even platforms like Upwork have cut their ties with Russia.

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But, the question is, what is Ukraine getting from this.

Well, Russia has one of the biggest markets for freelance and offshore software development firms. Before this dispute, many Russian clients were working with Ukrainian freelancers and offshore companies. Now that Russia is getting banned from such platforms, people are supporting Ukraine. In simple words, those Ukrainian IT specialists are available, and a lot of people are hiring their skills. So, it is a perfect time to hire software development team in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Software developers and their expertise

Ukrainian is considered an IT hub, and it represents almost 100 different IT companies with over 75,000 IT specialists. It has become nearshore heaven for European companies. That means they are hiring them fast. And that means you will lose your potential Ukrainian Software developer if you don’t act right now.


Ukrainian software programmers are not only passionate and result-driven people. There is more to that. Ukrainian has invested a lot in its IT infrastructure. Honestly, not everyone has fully tasted the power of Ukrainian software developers. Their efficiency and work are way beyond the imagination. It is basically a mine that is yet to be explored. So, if you are planning to hire software engineers in Ukraine, do that without any hunch.


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