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What is CineTux?

From watching Netflix to Amazon, there’s significantly less choice of content in Spanish. You can watch movies in standard languages like English, Hindi, and French. However, it’s often not fun to watch your favourite movie in a foreign language. Sometimes a touch of mother language is crucial for the viewer to relate to what he is watching? Well! CineTux is a perfect platform to go for! It is a brand-new proxy website to watch movies and tv shows for free in the Spanish language. The website opens to an endless selection of movies. Popular and exotic movies like 365 days, you can sit back and watch in Spanish. The edgy accent and touch of your mother tongue add to your entertainment pleasure just as you like. 

Source: CineTux official website

Today, we present to you – top viewed movies on CineTux that you must not miss on. Because sooner or later, if you want to enjoy foreign movies, i.e.., English movies dubbed Spanish, CineTux is one and only tonic of entertainment for you. 

In this reading, you will also learn how to watch movies dubbed in Spanish for free. Furthermore, is it a safe platform? Hold back and read ahead. You will get all the answers you want. Are you thrilled to begin? If yes! Start the countdown and in the end, let us know which movie you are going to stream on CineTux App 2021 first: 

#1: Madame Curie

From the television series Big Bang Theory, many learned that Madame Curie discovered Radium. Indeed, the series also briefed on how Radium killed Madame Curie slowly. Although it was not graphic but only descriptive in the series, fans became highly curious about MC’s life. And, rest is history. If you are also missing out on Madame Curie’s life and her discovery, CineTux 100% free Peliculas streaming platform is here. Now, watch the Madame Curie movie on Cinetux and begin to know our heroes better. 

Source: Britannica

The movie has been a BIG hit because it tells the story of a woman who dared to challenge the world with her scientific knowledge. And discovered Radium which today is used in clinical research to cure cancer. The irony here is: Madame Curie suffered aplastic anaemia due to extreme exposure to Radium. Isn’t it fascinating to watch? 

#2: The Pursuit of Happiness or En Busca de la Felicidad

Whether you are in India, France, Australia, or the U.S.A., Will Smith is one of the most popular stars worldwide. But, what if you are missing his award-winning movie of all times – The Pursuit of Happiness just because you can’t find it in Spanish. Well! Don’t worry because CineTux is there for you. It is easy to access a website. Here, you can browse any movie in Spanish as long as it is not “pornographic.” 

Source: Plugged In

En Busca de la Felicidad is a movie that shows the importance of hard work. To the reader’s surprise, a movie is indeed a real-life event (the natural person’s name has not been disclosed). In the film, Will Smith plays a part of a broke salesman who also has a son. Isn’t it heartbreaking? At Cinetux, stream now The Pursuit of Happiness in Spanish. 

Spoiler Alert: More movies are coming on Cinetux 2021. 

#3: Relic: Herencia Maldita or Relic: The Black Spot

There are thousands and thousands of movie lovers who want to find and watch something rare. So, if you are a fanatic of films that portray superstition, a pinch of horror, and logic – all three combined, you must not miss out on “Relic: Cursed Inheritance” movie in Spanish on CineTux. 

Source: Film Cred

According to fans’ reviews, this movie outruns regular and boring horror movies like Mama and Conjuring. In Relic: Herencia Maldita, you get to enjoy the delivery of a rare and never-heard-before movie plot. According to the CineTux synopsis, the story takes place in a house which has a sinister presence. When their grandmother goes missing and later assumed dead, Kay and Sam try to find her and soon discover the connection between her missing grandmother and the house. 

The movie is definitely chilling!

#4: Fast and Furious movie series

To begin with, action movies like Fast and Furious never go out of trend. And, so Cinetux presents a complete series of Fast and Furious movies online without any penny charges. For the most part, you can binge all fast and furious movies in Spanish with zero buffering interruptions. The website’s user interface is widely smooth and gives you a far-fetching choice of Genres. 

Not only this but if you widely enjoy action movies. Cinetux presents you with the following at the top: The Purge, ANNA, Marvel Movies, Alien Warfare, 6 Days, and Baywatch. 

Source: Pocket-lint

So, are you thrilled to relive the moments when you saw Vin Diesel in action? If yes, Cinetux is waiting for you. Spoiler Alert: You do not need to sign up or provide any credit card information at any point. Cinetux 2021 is a free-entry browsing website. 

#5: Godzilla Vs. Kong in Spanish

Do you know? In 2021, Godzilla Vs. Kong had been the most awaited movie of the year. But, when you find out it is only available in Hindi or English language, you must be disappointed. I mean, who wouldn’t want to watch the fieriest movie of 2021 in the smoothest language they know!

Well! Here comes the good part: Godzilla Vs. Kong is now available on CineTux ( G Vs K should be the perfect beginner for this weekend with unlimited action movies on the plate. What do you think? 

cinetux 2021
Source: IMDb

To begin with, Godzilla Vs. Kong movie comes with the spiciest and action-loaded plot of all times. On the one hand, two monstrous creatures are ready for a face-to-face fight. But, on the other hand, the world has been challenged with a conspiracy that will wipe every living being on Earth. So, where does it take us? I guess on the path of endless entertainment. 

#6: Batman Series

While you watched F.R.I.E.N.D.S, reunion released a few days ago. You must have remembered when Chandler was all excited to wear James Bond’s tux to his wedding. But Ross ruined it by bringing in BATMAN’s tux. After watching that scene, many craved to re-watch the Batman movie series online. Good news for you. At CineTux, you can watch Batman movies in Spanish. Isn’t that thrilling? From Batman Alma Del Dragon to Batman Hush and B Gotham A Luz De Gas, you can watch it all on Cinetux for free. 

Source: TechRadar

Without a doubt, the Batman movie’s plotlines have always been interesting. I wonder if Marvel is making new movies based on Batman anymore. All we know is Hulk’s television series is coming. 

#7: Animation movies

At the 7th ranking of top 10 movies on Cinetux, we have put the entire list of Animation movies. The reason being, Animation movies are never out of trend. Whether you want to watch them in English or Spanish, they have a touch of pure entertainment, drama, and action to it. 

Source: Billboard

And, the best part is, CineTux Animation Generos is far-fetching. As soon as you visit the Cinetux animation list, you will want to watch them all. Some of the most prominent animation movies in Spanish at Cinetux are Feliz Halloween, Scooby-Doo!, Angry Birds La Pelicula, Astro Kid, Ballerina, Batman Ninja, Cars 3, etc. 

#8: Unpregnant or Desembrazada

In the event that you are feeling a bit feminine this week, you cannot keep yourself away from watching Unpregnant in Spanish. The movie didn’t hit the box office hard. However, it received millions of viewers due to its scarce title. Indeed, the movie’s plotline is something that most girls relate to. Especially those who get pregnant or go through the fear of getting pregnant during teenage years when career, education, and life are all on the verge of crisis. 

Source: The Indian Express

So yes! According to the plotline of Desembrazada, a teenage girl gets pregnant at the age of 17. Her pregnancy haunts her education potential at Ivy league college, and she dreams of building a high-end career in future ahead. The decision to pick is fatally challenging. 

#9: Clínica de Zombies

A few months ago, I out of the blue ecountered this movie review video where a woman with enormous breasts applies for plastic surgery. Henceforth, I decided to watch this movie in Spanish because it’s fun and easy to understand. So, I visited Cinetux and streamed the entire movie for free. 

Source: The BMJ

And, in my review, the movie is horrifying and gives one goosebump. The story follows a girl who is uncomfortable with her looks in public due to her big breasts. So, she decides to get a reduction surgery. Her boyfriend and her mother (who wanted a facelift) accompany her to the bizarre hospital. Later on, they discovered that the hospital is a clinical research premise for zombie transformation. 

The movie is a clear-cut hit if you are a fan of zombies’ drama. 

#10: Romance and Cigarettes 

Sometimes, a bit erotic movie can relax you. Indeed, researchers say that erotic movies take your mind off personal problems and reduces stress. So, what if you can watch the most exotic film of all time in Spanish, the romantic language? That’s right! Romance and Cigarettes is a movie based on a musical about a married man. After a fantastic night of romance, the man is stuck between choosing a wedlock partner or mistress. 

Source: Why So Blu

To watch movies online in Spanish, visit the cinetux 2021 latest website. Browse now!

Disclaimer: Is it safe to use Cinetux? 

Cinetux is a proxy website that allows you to watch movies in the Spanish language for free. Since the website is pirated, there’s no guarantee of its durability. For the reader’s information, the use of piracy websites or the creation or functioning piracy websites is considered illegal and punishable offence in the eyes of the law. Henceforth, our website, in no possible words or actions, supports the use of piracy websites. Please carry out streaming on CineTux at your own risk. 

All the information provided in the reading is collected from potential resources and through research. We only propose to improve the knowledge of our readers.

“Cinetux es un sitio web proxy que te permite ver películas en español de forma gratuita. Dado que el sitio web está pirateado, no hay garantía de su durabilidad. Para información del lector, el uso de sitios web de piratería o la creación o funcionamiento de sitios web de piratería se considera ilegal a los ojos de la ley. De ahora en adelante, nuestro sitio web, sin palabras ni acciones posibles, apoya el uso de sitios web de piratería. Realice la transmisión en CineTux bajo su propio riesgo.

Toda la información proporcionada en la lectura se recopila de recursos potenciales y a través de la investigación. Solo nos proponemos mejorar el conocimiento de nuestros lectores.”

Harms of using Piracy website

In the event that you use a piracy website for watching movies for free, you must agree or prepare yourself for the following risks: 

  • Anonymous users create piracy websites. They can be criminals, and while you use the site, they can track your computer’s data such as I.P. Address, passwords saved, etc. 
  • While buffering or streaming movies on such sites, malware/virus or ransomware may transfer to your computer without your knowledge. 
  • These websites shut down at any moment. Hence, there’s no guarantee. 
  • Ads appear on your screen persistently. Sometimes these ads are indecent. 

What to do? 

  • Use a VPN service to hide your computer’s personal details from the website owner.
  • Activate and scan antivirus programs.
  • Activate incognito mode while browsing
  • Download and add to extension – Ad blocker apps. 


Cinetux is one of the top-notch sites to watch movies dubbed in Spanish for free. You can bookmark us to know about such websites. Bonus advice: Please avoid updating any bank details, debit or credit card details on such websites. They can lead you to a financial loss. Good luck!

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