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LiveLeak is a video sharing website headquartered in London. The site was established on 31 October 2006, to some degree by the group behind the stun site, which shut on the equivalent day. LiveLeak ‘plans to take reality film, governmental issues, war, and other world occasions and consolidate them with the intensity of resident journalism’. Hayden Hewitt of Manchester is the main open individual from LiveLeak’s established team.

Included recordings frequently include the realistic substance of lethal mishaps or shootings. In spite of the fact that by 2016, Liveleak had diminished its questionable substance, the site habitually started up debate up until around 2008, for the most part, because of its realistic and political substance. The site came to noticeable quality in 2007 after the unapproved recording and spilling of the execution of Saddam Hussein, and was alluded to by White House Press Secretary Tony Snow and afterward Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair.

On 30 July 2007, the BBC program Panorama communicate a show about how youngsters were getting physically ambushed and thumped unconscious. When Panorama questioned the “very brutal recordings” that had been presented on LiveLeak’s site, fellow benefactor Hayden Hewitt wouldn’t bring them down, expressing, “Look this is going on, this is reality, this is going on, we’re going to show it.” LiveLeak states there are moderately not many such recordings on the site and should the uploaders be found to have partaken in the fierce assault or shot it themselves, it would help the police with any prosecutions.

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LiveLeak was again in the spotlight in March 2008, when it facilitated the counter Quran film Fitna made by Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders. LiveLeak holds to being carefully non-one-sided in its way to deal with individuals and their substance, having faith in the right to speak freely of discourse inside the website rules, paying little mind to how certain substance may affront them personally. Fitna was brought down after dangers were made against LiveLeak staff, yet was back online on 30 March 2008 after LiveLeak purportedly improved security. The video was indeed expelled two days after the fact on 1 April this time it was evacuated by the client referring to that it was brought down because of copyright wrangles and another form would be transferred “soon.”

A video of US columnist James Foley was posted by Islamist warriors on YouTube previously, as detailed by US News and World Report, “YouTube erased it and interest for the LiveLeak variant soared.” because of that video the authority of the site announced that they would not have any “further decapitations completed by IS.” The site will keep on facilitating the first video that delineates the repercussions of Foley’s execution.

On 31 March 2019, Australian telecom Telstra prevented access to millions from securing Australians to the sites 4chan, 8chan, Zero Hedge, and LiveLeak as a response to the Christchurch mosque shootings.


“YourSay” is a segment of the site where clients transfer their own recordings, much like a video blog. Not at all like YouTube, the video blogs on LiveLeak are progressively political and are known for banter.

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LiveLeak at present has different classifications including Syria and Ukraine, in which realistic substance with respect to different clashes can be viewed.


On 24 March 2014, LiveLeak and Ruptly declared a substance association.

The site got a lot of consideration in 2007 in the wake of facilitating a video of Saddam Hussein’s execution on their foundation and being referenced by Tony Snow (a representative of the Whitehouse) and Tony Blair (British Prime Minister). Tony Blair made the accompanying explanation referencing LiveLeak with respect to the online introduction of Saddam Hussein’s execution:

War is never again something perused in dispatches, it comes straight into the family room. Take a site like LiveLeak, which has gotten well known with officers from the two sides of the gap in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Operational narrative material, from their cell phones or PCs, is posted on the site continuously.

LiveLeak additionally picked up media in the wake of facilitating a disputable narrative film, called Fitna, censuring Islam made by a Dutch government official named Geert Wilders. Wilders decided to transfer his narrative to LiveLeak after his site facilitating the narrative was incidentally suspended.

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