tools to merge PDF file

PDF merger is one of the most important tools for PDF file management. This is the prime function for working with documents. The aim of PDF merger is to multiply the batch of files into just one huge document to make file storage more simple and smarter. File storage management is a good way to save a lot of time at work and also stop messing with too many files at once. If you receive two or more files from one person you could merge them together. It will also useful for sending invoice packages in one file, or you may use a merging tool if you need to compile web pages or different reports. It will allow you to archives this batch easily. Ten on fifteen years ago you mostly had to download each direct tool for each file management task to solve it, but now the major part of PDF services include various types of tools to simplify your work. You do not have to look for each tool in the internet. Just choose one and start merging your PDF file or doing something else! The tools and services could be paid or absolutely free. Let’s take a look at the most popular tools to merge PDF file and guess what should we use because currently we may see too many offers and we should not spend too much time looking for the services of our dream, we should start working right here and right now.     

  1. Soda PDF

Just generic service for people, who actually don’t want to look for other tools, however, if we take a closer look at the online and desktop PDF services market, we will see that there are too many variants for skilled people, but it will be much better to use something standardized and unified for all upcoming users without any skills.

Merging tools is available for free here, however, there are some extra tools with the required purchasing 

There are some advantages of using this service:
– It is all in one online PDF software and it is also available for desktop PCs

– Free version has enough tools to start working with PDF files

– Cloud storage is also available 

Some points I really do not like:

– Page reordering tool is closed for usage in free version

– There is no encryption and security for PDF files

2. ILovePDF

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Another service, which could offer us various tools, however, it also has some payment requirements. We will mention it below. I do not like its interface, but I guess for many people it will be beautiful and smart enough. I think that there are some extra elements, which could be removed completely.


– Easy interface.  Just upload your files by moving them into your browser window directly.

– Other PDF tools are also included

– Google drive and dropbox cloud storages are available for free


– Dragging more than 25 is not free

– Advertising in free version


This is a well-known online PDF service for people, who actually don’t want to look for other variants. All tools are available here now. You can see more advantages than disadvantages and I want to add that this service is absolutely free for everyone and you do not have to subscribe or pay anything at all! I really enjoy using this service because I could be trusted in it for one hundred percent. 


– All tools in one place

– Quick file proceeding 

– Powerful data servers
– Encryption and 100% file protection


– Some tools are under construction


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