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Here square measure 19 Whatsapp tricks you’ll be able to perform on WhatsApp that not everybody is aware of concerns.

WhatsApp has varied uses, The ever-present electronic messaging, voice calls, and the recently added video calls.

Welcome to the Techno News Today we are sharing about best 19 Whatsapp Tricks and tips those are very useful for all WhatsApp lover.

WhatsApp, over the years, has grown up to be out and away the world’s leading mobile electronic messaging app. Today, it boasts spill one billion users with new, distinct, and innovative options doping up virtually each six months. I think it’s safe to mention that nobody are sound WhatsApp off its throne anytime before long.

Even with the very fact that almost all low finish Windows Phones and Blackberries now not support WhatsApp (you apprehend, as a result of WhatsApp is thus sensible, its developers can afford to be proud and picky), the user base doesn’t seem to be affected one bit, giving the app further credibility and overall appeal.

However, there square measure some hidden things that the app is capable of performing; uses that aren’t far-famed to only everybody. Most times, upon going to apprehend these WhatsApp tricks, individuals marvel (as if they simply discovered hearth or something), while other times, the hidden uses seem useless. Nevertheless,

Here Are The 19 WhatsApp Tricks Which You Don’t Know About

19 WhatsApp Tricks Which You Don’t Know About

1) Know Exact Time When Message Got Read:

WhatsApp Tricks

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We All Know That Grey Ticks Means Message Has been Delivered And Blue Ticks Means Message Has Been Read. There is An Option Which Gives You Exact Time When the Message Was Delivered And At What Time It Was Read. You Just Have to Click on That Sent Message And Click That i Button on Top.

2) Tagging People And Quoting Messages:

Tagging People And Quoting Messages

Now You Can Tag the People in The Groups By Using @ sign in Beginning And After That Using That Person’s Name Which you want to Tag. You Can Also Quote the Message to Make Sure you are Replying to That Vary Message. You Can Quote a Message by Clicking And Holding it And Then Clicking That Reply Button to Quote.

3) Backup Chats:

Backup Chats

You Have a Nice Feature in WhatsApp That Let’s You Backup Your Chats to Either Local Storage Or Cloud Storage. Just Goto Setting Then Chats Then Click Chat Backups And Then Click Backup And You Are Done.

4) Minimize Mobile Data Usage:

Minimize Mobile Data Usage

You Can Minimize The Mobile Data Usage For WhatsApp By Going to WhatsApp Setting Then Data Usage Then Click Low Data Usage.

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5) Hide Notifications From Lockscreen:

Hide Notifications From Lockscreen

You Know Those Notifications Are Irritating Sometimes Because They Can Even Pop Up If You Mobile is Locked. To Disable Them Goto Phones Setting Then Apps Then WhatsApp Then Notifications And Then Turn Off Lock Screen Notifications

6) Hide Chats:

Hide Chats

You Can Hide Chats From Main Conversation List By Simply Clicking on Them And Then Archiving Them. You Can View The Archived Chats By Scrolling To The Bottom of The Conversation List And Then Clicking on View Archived Chats.

7) Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts Within Same Phone Without Any Third-Party App:

Use Multiple WhatsApp Accounts Within Same Phone Without Any Third-Party App

All You Have to do is Go to Android Settings And Then Users And Add New User. After That Install New WhatsApp App For That User And Register With Another Phone Number.

8) Recover Deleted Chats Or Messages:

WhatsApp Automatically Backups Your Chats Everyday at 2 Am. So if you Deleted Anything Dated A Day Earlier You Can Recover That. You Simply Have to uninstall WhatsApp Then Install Again And Use the Same Number For Registering Again And You Will Be Prompted That a Backup has Been Found. Just Simply Tap The Restore Button.

9) Mute Notifications From Groups:

You Simply Can Mute Those Irritating Notifications From Groups By Simply Going to that Group And Click on Options And then Mute Notifications.

10) Backup Chats To Email:

Backup Chats To Email

You Can Even Keep Backup of Your Chats on Your Email. Just Goto that Chat And Click Options Then Click More Then Click Email Chat. That’s it You Are Done.

Below 9 WhatsApp Tricks which are very useful to all WhatsApp users.

11) Read messages without the sender knowing

Read messages without the sender knowing

There’s a usual paradigm in messaging that you have to reply to a message once you see it. Ever been in a very state of affairs wherever you would like to scan a message while not having to reply, or while not creating the sender understand you saw it? Apparently, now you can, if you follow these simple steps:

Go to your phone network settings and disable your mobile knowledge (or merely activate flight mode)

Go back to the message and read it

Return to your settings and switch your mobile knowledge back on (or within the case of flight mode, switch it off again)

When you do that, blue ticks (which indicate that you’ve scan the message) won’t seem, due to lack of internet connection.

12) Operate without a SIM card

This trick is barely offered for those victimization tablets to run their WhatsApp account. You can truly run your WhatsApp account seamlessly while not employing a SIM card.

However, you’ll need a nearby functional SIM. Simply install WhatsApp on the tablet, and during the verification process, save the number of the SIM. A message containing your verification code will be sent to that SIM, and you can simply enter the code in where appropriate. Your account is verified and you’re ready to go.

13) Create contact shortcuts

For contacts that you just chat with often – family, friends, business associates, etc. – you’ll save yourself the strain of getting to sift through your apps, gap WhatsApp, and sifting through chats to get to them. All you’ve got to try to to is to make a road for his or her chats on your phone’s homepage.

Start by pressing on the contact and holding till a pop-up full of choices seems. Included in this pop-up is that the ‘create chat shortcut’ choice. Choose that choice, and on your home screen, a shortcut for that chat will appear.

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14) Extend validity

WhatsApp requires regular updates. If you don’t update your app by yourself, they’ll force you to do so by temporarily cutting you off. Most times, updates contain simply very little tweaks, and you spend a considerable amount of data and space for almost nothing. The process of extending your WhatsApp validity is sort of complicated, thus follow closely:

Head into your WhatsApp settings. Go to Account, then click on Change Number

Enter your number as the old number. If you’ve got a second SIM, place it as your new variety

Do this once more, swapping the two numbers as old and new. This means your original variety returns to its position

Bam! Your WhatsApp account’s validity is extended for a full year.

15) Hide last seen

Your ‘last seen’ feature shows individuals the last time you were on WhatsApp. If you’re trying to cover that, perhaps from stalkers or alternative weird individuals, just go to Settings, then Account, and then Privacy. From here, you’ll be able to amendment no matter settings you would like to alter regarding your privacy – your last seen, profile image, status, etc.

Hide last seen

16) Voice control

Voice management suggests that you don’t got to type A single issue. There’s a microphone-shaped icon on your WhatsApp keyboard panel.

Speaking clearly and directly into the speakers once pressing this icon can activate voice management, and your words will be typed as said. If you’re on the go and you don’t have the time to sort, this feature are often terribly neat.

17) Directly reply to messages

Most times, you might wish to reply to people as chats go on, especially in group chats where people speak in droves, and someone else might have taken your turn before you even had the chance to finish typing.

If you’re trying to reply to somebody, all you have to do is to press their message for about two seconds. An choice board can pop, including the option to reply. Click this, and their message can go on high of the house wherever your words can seem as they’re written. After you reply, simply post your message and it will be duly shown.

Directly reply to messages

18) Successfully change phone numbers

Changing SIMs typically means you’ve got to begin a brand new WhatsApp expertise. However, there’s how you’ll be able to continue victimization your previous account with a wholly new SIM card. To migrate, head to Settings, then Account, and finally, Change Number. Once you enter the previous and new numbers in their several areas, your account will be moved successfully.

19) Send edited texts

Apart from traditional texts and fonts, you can make special edits to them. Pay attention:

The make a text daring, add AN asterisk (*) before and once the text (e.g. *asterisk*)

To put a text in italic form, add an underscore (_) before and after the text (e.g. _underscore_)

To strike a text out, add a hyphen (-) before and after the text (e.g -hyphen-)

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