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Despite the fact that India has long been competing with China for the status of the most populous country on earth, sport in India is rather modestly developed. This is evidenced by the results of many major competitions. The national team won only 7 medals in the Summer Olympics. Among them 1 gold, 2 silver and 4 bronze medals. Given its delegation of 126 athletes, this result can be considered extremely poor. 1xBet login gives the opportunity to bet not only on classic sports, but also on all the disciplines available in such tournaments as the Olympics. 

The only gold medal for the country was in the javelin throw, where Neeraj Chopra beat his Czech pursuers by just over a meter. The final 48th place in the final standings did not satisfy anyone in the Indian sporting community. 

These results show that the state has chosen a far from optimal strategy for the development of sports.

The next Summer Olympic Games will be held in three years in Paris, so login 1xBet will be relevant again for sports fans. Will the national team be able to correct the negative results of the Japanese games on the European continent? At least in terms of the number of participants the Asian team is one of the biggest. 

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However, every medal has two sides. While the Olympic team directly failed the competition, their Paralympic counterparts performed somewhat better in providing possibilities for players. 1xBet promo code India is available to all local citizens who want to make money on bets and uses all available offers from the line for this.

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Coming back to the success of the Indian team at the event, there have already been 19 won medals, namely:

  • 5 gold. The team looked the most successful in badminton competitions, which is considered a classic sport in the country. Here 2 gold medals were obtained.
  • 8 silvers, including a pretty good performance in the athletics.
  • 6 bronze medals. Among them, it is worth highlighting the incredible archery from Harvinder Singh. 

The final 24th place looks much more respectable, which has slightly appeased the discontent of the fans. However, many critics point out that if the Paralympic team would not have been so strong in badminton, the performance would have been almost as the main Olympics team. 1xBet promo code in India is a relevant offer to use in new sports that provides new possibilities for players. The combination will allow you to get more profitable bonuses. Details can be found on the website.



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