Automated Logistics Software

Logistic automation has become a new normal in the modern supply chain management.  Automation applies in various logistics functions including determining of shipment routes, load tendering and planning to refine production and easily access vital information. Learn other 5 reasons you should use automated logistics software below.

In the modern digital phase, businesses are relying in technology than ever before. Organizations are taking advantage of innovation to automate their processes for improved production efficiency, customer satisfaction and increased productivity.  Since automation applies to all industries, shipping and logistics no exception. If the robust logistics software solutions are used, the organization can lower labor costs, utilize materials and labor correctly and deliver quality goods and services. In other words, logistics automation is a great way of gaining competitive advantage over your competitors.

What is Logistics Automation? 

Logistics automation is the Integration of computer software, machinery and control systems to boost logistics operations efficiency. Automation is applied to warehouse or distribution center activities to reduce human intervention which may have errors, resulting in huge losses. Supply chain activities including reverse logistics, distribution, customer service and procurement can be automated to enhance effective supply chain management. Hardware and software components in logistics automation include software, mobile technology, motion check weighers, automated storage and retrieval systems, conveyors and fixed machines.

What Is the Best Logistics Software?

Today, most businesses are advanced, allowing consumers to access various goods and services without physically seeing the seller. Companies are also able to produce and deliver goods to their target markets without seeing   their consumers. Although these operations are complex, throwing complex marketing systems called business logistics in the mix can simplify moving goods and services from the point of origin to the end user. Because of their complexity, business logistics need user-friendly software systems to improve consumer experience in the digitalized organization.  

The best logistics software solutions include Carego which offers data restoration services, central management systems and working modules. Another software is the Australian-made Jaix that comes with the growth management service, technology advances and integrated suite. Other software solutions include Ramco, WebXpress, Soloplan, Softlink, Logisuite, Obs-logistics, Magaya and Sagar. Each software comes with different features   to help simply the complex supply management systems of your company. Here are the reasons you should automate your logistics with the above software. 

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Improves Customer Service

 Automated logistics prioritizes the customer, adding value to your business.  Although you may never see your consumers, safely and efficiently delivering their purchases will give them a reason to stick to your goods and services.  Your customers will be grateful when they see their time and energy is valued. Applying software to your logistic operations provides efficient services that that will ease shipping of goods, whether inbound or outbound. Delayed deliveries can create bad picture of your company to your consumers.  Soon, there will be reviews online about the experience they have with your businesses. If your customer service is excellent, expect positive reviews and negative if your services are unsatiable. With the ever-rising customer expectations, the best thing you can do is establish a reliable business.  This may be successful if you invest in automated logistics. The customer loyalty will reward you well in the long run. 

Automated Logistics Software Saves Time and   Money 

Automated Logistics software comes with financial advantages you should not ignore as a financially savvy business owner. Going digital eliminates the business’s dependance on paper communication which is time-consuming and expensive. Also, adopting digitalization saves the environment, improving your organization’s shipping and distribution.  Automation improves the business’s operation speed, saving time than ever before. This automatically increases productivity and business returns. Powerful automation features allow you to easily control your logistics freight and transportation sectors despite the massive growth of your business with more shipping freight. Business growth translates more freight to ship.  Even so, with an automated logistics in your transport Management System (TMS), it can be easy to add more users and manage them.

Lower Expensive Errors

 Logistics automation can be integrated to your shipping goods through the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) to obtain your address book, accessorials, and automatic storage. This lowers the risks for filing in the wrong data and information. The results will be reduction of costs and faster delivery of the goods to the right consumer. When data entry is done manually, the organization can incur high costs for paying shipment charges twice. 

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 Enhances Organizational Control 

 Automation brings powerful features in your transport management system that allows operation, freight, risks and freight costs management, thanks to the TMS’ rules engine.  Your TMS’ flexibility can take in customized company rules and direct internal and external users to adhere to the set policies for business efficiency and economical shipping.

Allows Timely Access to Freight Data and Analysis

 Logistics automation provides freight data on time, allowing you to properly analyze the information and make informed decisions according to the organization’s history and trends. For instance, in the information provided in the TMS, you can learn a certain carrier is affordable but delays to deliver goods most of the time. This can create a poor customer service picture to your clients. Although you will save money after shipping, chances are you will not get new customers or the existing ones will resort to companies offering the best freight services. Invest in logistics automation to access and analyze freight data on time to forecast your decisions’ cost and avoid bad ones in future.

Are there Disadvantages of Automated Logistics software?

Automated logistics software has advantages and disadvantages. With its upsides already mentioned above, some of its downsides include consumption of more time for successful implementation. Successful automation implementation can averagely take 10 years or more. Despite taking too long to   implement, the returns of automation can still be dissatisfying. What’s more, logistics automation is less flexible, making it challenging to standardize particular logistics processes for efficient execution in the automated system.

The Bottom Line

Successful logistics automation implementation can help an organization meet its customer’s needs through exceptional service delivery.  Whether your business resorts to automation that brings robots in the manufacturing mix or features that replace manual processes and communication flow, expect massive changes that will give your business a competitive edge over its competitors. Investing in logistics automation improves efficiency, reduce scrapping of goods and saves on transportation costs. If you have not employed automation, above are the reasons you should give it a try.



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