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In this blog, you learn more about Where Is Alina Orlova Animal Killer Now. Sadistic Killer case with Culprit in Custody for dogs and pet animals. 

Who is Alina Oroval Animal Killer?

Alina Orlova animal
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Alina Orlova animal killer and her friend were punish with years in jail for allegedly abusing dogs and other pets. know more visit here

Additionally, Alina Orlova and her friend Alyona savchenko are the two childish females found responsible for animal mistreatment.

As the investigation progress, countless additional crimes were reveal.

As of the 2022 year, no one knows where Alina Orlova’s is. She and her friend Alyona Savchenko were sentence to 4 years in prison in 2017 year.

On the Google, there is no information about Alina’s whereabouts. In fact, she may have release, or her sentence could have been increase.

In fact, the two women have also been acting as the Khabarovsk slaughterers on social media. They were condem to jail by a russian country court for manufacturing a video depicting themselves in pain and murdering animals’ pets.

According to russian social media, the “sadistic” teenagers took animals to abandon buildings, shot them with airguns, stomp them, and ripped their eyeballs out.

Alina Orlova Dog Killer
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Biography of Alina Orlova Animal Killer

  • Alina Orlova is 17-year-old girl . Orlova turn to social media to post graphic photographs and videos of herself abusing, killing, and threatening helpless animals.
  • After publishing a series of horrific images and videos of herself abusing pets and animals with a friend by her side.
  • She even pose with a dead cat whose heart had been cut out.
  • According to Metro UK, Russian law enforcement apprehend 17-year-old Alina Orlova when she was waiting for a flight at the airport in Vladivostok.

She has been identifiy as Visit here her buddy in the images. Other images appear to illustrate Alina and Kristina’s preoccupation with horror flicks and “blood” and the photos of animals killed by Orlova.

Know About Her Personal Info

EthnicityWhite or Caucasian
BirthNovember 23 1995
EducationPacific National University


According to social media report, they did not find any background material on her. Furthermore, we will update her background and family info soon when we find his information in the future.

In fact, Alina Orlova was charge in 2016 after images of her torturing animals surfaced.

A screenshot of the women preparing to “shoot, chop, and slice!” their next animal victim on social media was reveal along with the photos. According to the Investigative Committee, which investigates major cases, the girl systematically abused, mutilated, and killed animals using sadistic means and document it in a snuff film (perhaps deemed an animal crush video). However, the lawsuit also involved an incident involving a bat and a pneumatic pistol attack on a Khabarovsk woman.

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Alina Orlova Animal Killer– Where is She Now?

Nobody knows where Alina Orlova’s is in this year. In 2017, she was punish for 4 years in jail with her friend named was Alyona savchenko.

As well as, There is no latest detail on Alina’s live location on social media or Google. She was probably acceptable to go, or her prison term was bigger.

Alina Orlova animal killer jail image
Image credit: Siberian Times

Social media have also dubbed the two best buddies the Khabarovsk slaughterers. After watching a clip of a film showing themselves misusing and murdering pet animals, they were punish to jail in their country court.

According to a social media report, the aggressive teenager’s gunshot dog pet with guns, trudge them, and their eyes away in dumped house.

Is Dog and Animal Killer Alina Orlova’s Still in Prison?

  • Alina Orlova’s, the street dog and pet-animal murderer have not been seen since she was arrest.
  • While they were teenagers, the two proved themselves to mistreat at least fifteen pet dogs in a year. They were capture in the 2016 year after uploading these gruesome videos to YouTube.
  • Moreover, she was convict to 3 years and 10 days in prison after a five-month close trial, while her buddy Alyona savchenko’s was judged to four existing and three months.
  • During the investigation, further crimes dedicate by the too were also found. Among the crimes committed were robbery, hatred offense, and dogs abuse.
  • According to psychiatric reports, these two girls don’t have any psychological reports.

Wikipedia Investigate on Alina Orlova

Alina Orlova’s and buddy name Alyona savchenko’s were punish to 4 years in jail for their crime. As well as, their guy companion who discharge the tapes was jail to three years in prison.

It is a significant decision for Russia, and animal abuse is suppose to be less severely punish there. The female relative was also kill for a bad child upbringing.

Additionally, The pair has been accuse of kidnapping puppies from families looking for a new house for their animals. Besides, the animals subsequently be ruthlessly murdered.

Her daughter of an air force colonel. She reply by stating that she had finish nobody incorrect to the pet animals and was falsely accus.

Additionally, her mother starv of any association. Alina accus her buddy Alyona of tampering with the photographs to implicate her. She said, in reality, that she had not verbal to Alyona in the long term.

Teen Girls Arrested News

  • Finally, a teenage girl was arrest for torturing and killing animals and dogs with a companion, then broadcasting footage of their horror on the internet.
  • Alina Orlova, 17, was detain in Vladivostok’s far eastern Russian city, where she was waiting for a connecting flight from her hometown of Khabarovsk in the south-east to St Petersburg in the north-west. Visit here
  • In fact, she was fright of being arrest, according to local media.
  • Kristina, who loves to show off shock serial-look face makeup and eye lenses, shared photos and clips of themselves torturing and killing animals and dogs for ‘bloodlust.’
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Animals Killer

Alina Orlova with her friend
Image Credit: The Mirrior
  • Additionally, one dog is attach to the wall as if it had been crucified, while another is hung by its collar and then shot with an air gun.
  • Other animals, including one that the girls rip apart to extract its internal organs, are seen dead.
  • However, animal lovers were outrag by the violent photographs on social media, prompting police involvement.
  • In fact, Residents in the area create a petition urging authorities to take action against the adolescent torturers.
  • Additionally, both of the cruel females are students who live in Khabarovsk, in the Khabarovsk Krai region of south-eastern Russia.
  • In fact, They said both had been adopting unwanted animals and pledged to care for them, but instead tortured and killed them, with photographic evidence posted online.
  • Kristina is shown menacingly brandishing a hammer and a nail, and Orlova is seen hugging a lovely puppy with her mouth gaping wide as if she is about to bite it.
  • In fact, Kristina and Alina post photos with a hammer and a nail as part of their animal cruelty.
  • “Nobody should do the same to them, in the same way they treat these animals,” stated netizen Dmitriy Dmitriev.

Maria Ivanov Witness

  • “OMG, I feel so awful after witnessing it,” Maria Ivanov added.
  • “One of the dogs that is still living appears to be so adorable in the shot, while the other is already dead.”
  • “How can their mothers defend it?” says the author.
  • “If my kids had doing something like that, I would have probably reported him.” Horrible.”
  • In fact, Orlova also reveal that she was planning to murder her own mother and ask for advice on how long she would be imprison if she was found.
  • According to local media, Kristina’s family is report to have deep contacts with the Khabarovsk police department.
  • At the confluence of the Amur and Ussuri Rivers, Khabarovsk, the administrative capital of Khabarovsk Krai, is only 30 kilometers from the Chinese border.


  • Alina Orlova was apprehend after torturing and killing kittens and dogs.
  • In fact, she did it to gain facebook fame. One disturbing image depicts a dog nail to a wall.
  • Moreover, they were arrest when animal rights activists start a petition against them.

Summary of Alina Orlova Animal Killer

  • Alina Orlova and a friend were jail to years in prison for allegedly abusing dogs and other pets. 
  • Additionally, Alina Orlova and her friend Alyona savchenko are the two young girls found responsible for animal mistreatment 
  • Finally, as the investigation progress, countless additional crimes were reveal.
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