Jio Prime Membership – All You Need to Know

    Nowadays everyone knows the name of JIO, which has acquired a distinct identity as a mobile operator in the last few years. JIO is currently the most used telecom operator in India. Mr. Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Jio Company, launched the JIO 4G network on 5 September 2014 and started offering free JIO SIM to all Indian persons.

    Reliance Jio created history in the mobile telecom industry by launching this cheapest 4G network in India. It initially allowed all JIO SIM users to use unlimited 4G Internet and unlimited free calls for free for 3 months under the JIO Welcome offer“.

    Today Jio Telecom Operator is the most used in India. Ever since Jio has come, customers are getting many facilities through it. In this, you were first given Free Voice Calling, Net and Message. Many people took advantage of this offer.

    To avail of all the services of Jio, it is mandatory to Jio prime registration. It is required for unlimited calling and unlimited data access. So let’s know in detail about Prime Membership and Jio prime membership plan details.

    What is Jio Prime membership?

    Jio-Prime-Membership is for those customers who are using Jio’s network. Prime Membership is required to use unlimited calling and unlimited data. For this, you have to register Jio Prime Membership. Prime Membership will be applicable for a year. After that, the owner can either extend for a whole year or cancel, which will end the entire benefit. As long as this service is available without paying any price. JIO Prime users can also watch live TV channels, movies, videos, TV shows, songs, news, etc for free on HighSpeed Internet.

    How to get Jio Prime membership?

    To take Jio Prime Membership, you have to follow the steps given below. You can take Prime Membership by following these steps.

    • Step-1: Download App
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    First of all, open the My Jio App on your mobile. If you have not downloaded it yet, download it from here.

    • Step-2: Install App

    Now download and install the app.

    • Step-3: Open App

    After installing the app, open the app and sign it.

    • Step-4: Click Get Now

    After the account is opened, you will get the option of Get Now at the top and click on it.

    • Step-5: Click Proceed

    After this, the Recharge window will open. Here your number and name will appear, click on Proceed below it.

    Step-6: Click Done Button

    On clicking Proceed, there will be a message show Done here.

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    In this way, you can take Jio Prime Membership by following these steps.

    How to check Jio prime membership?

    If you have taken its membership and you have to check whether your jio prime plans is activated or not, then you have to follow the steps given below.

    Step-1: Open My Jio App

    First of all, you have to open My Jio App on your mobile.

    Step-2: Sign In App

    After opening the app you have to sign in.

    Step-3: Tap On Menu Button

    After signing in you have to go to Menu.

    Step-4: Tap On My plans

    After going to the menu, you have to click on My Plans.

    Step-5: Tap On Prime Membership

    Here you will see the option of Prime Membership in Right Side, click on it. After clicking here, you will see whether your jio prime plans are active or not. If your Plan is Active, you will see Active written there.

    Jio Prime Membership Offer and Price

    Jio Prime Membership Offer and Price

    New Jio PRIME members (joining on or after 01 April 2018) can pay Rs. 99 With the first jio prime recharge for annual subscriptions.

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    Existing Jio PRIME members (joining on or before 31 March 2018) are required to open/download MyJio, express interest and enjoy Jio Prime benefits to get a complimentary membership for 12 months.

    Jio Prime Offer

    Jio Prime PlansData BenefitsValidity
    Rs. 19200 Mb1 Day
    Rs. 49600 Mb3 Days
    Rs. 1492 Gb28 Days
    Rs. 30328 Gb28 Days
    Rs. 49956 Gb28 Days
    Rs. 99960 Gb60 Days
    Rs. 1999125 Gb90 Days
    Rs. 4999350 Gb180 Days
    Rs. 9999750 Gb360 Days

    JIO Popular Plans


    Rs. 44484 Days168 GB
    Rs. 14924 Days36 GB
    Rs. 22228 Days56 GB
    Rs. 33356 Days112 GB
    RS. 55584 Days168 GB

    Plan 399 – 1.5 GB/Day

    RS. 39984 Days126 GB

    Plan 1699 – 1.5 GB/Day

    Rs. 1699 365 days547.5 GB

    Plan 349 – 1.5 GB/Day

    Rs. 34970 days105 GB

    Plan 449 – 1.5 GB/Day

    Rs. 44991 days136.5 GB

    Plan 98 – 2 GB

    Rs. 9828 days2 GB

    Plan 198 – 2 GB/Day

    Rs. 19828 days56 GB

    Plan 398 – 2 GB/Day

    Rs. 39870 days140 GB

    Plan 448 – 2 GB/Day

    Rs. 44884 days168 GB

    Plan 498 – 2 GB/Day

    Rs. 49891 days182 GB

    Plan 299 – 3 GB/Day

    Rs. 29928 days84 GB

    Plan 509 -4 GB/Day

    Rs. 50928 days112 GB

    Plan 799 – 5 GB/Day

    Rs. 79928 days140 GB

    999 Long Term Pack

    Rs. 99990 days60 GB

    1999 Long Term Pack

    Rs. 1999180 days125 GB

    4999 Long Term Pack

    Rs. 4999360 days350 GB

    9999 Long Term Pack

    Rs. 9999360 days750 GB

    Benefits of Jio Prime Membership

    There are many benefits of becoming a member of Prime Membership, which are being told to you further. Let’s know Jio Prime Membership benefits.

    • Users of Jio Prime Membership will also get Voice Call, Sms service for a low price.
    • Jio Prime Membership Users also get benefits such as more than 550 Live Tv Channels, millions of TV and video shows, 6 thousand movies, more than 500 news Channel, 1.5 crore songs.
    • Data is available in high speed to Jio Prime Members in comparison to non-prime members.
    • Jio Prime Members will get 20% more internet data than other telecom operators.
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    The Conclusion

    In this post, you have learned about Jio Prime Membership and how to renew it and also you have learned about the benefits of Jio Prime Membership. We hope that this information given by us will be useful for you.

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