New Features Comes In Gmail

Three New Features Comes In Gmail: Google always focuses heavily on its products and strives to maintain a consistent effort based on the experience.

Currently, the news is available that Google is testing the bundle reminder and pinched items in its Gmail inbox and it will be rolled out in a short time.

Three New Features Comes In Gmail

However, these features will take some time in the inbox. In the meantime Gmail is introducing three new features and users can now use it. However, the presence of these features in the inbox will benefit the users greatly. Here’s how new features are working.

Undo / Redo

These features of G-Mail will benefit the users greatly. Undo feature allows you to retrieve erroneously deleted information. The Redo feature is required as well as the Undo feature. In G-Mail, there is an option to undo the option of composing a message, Google will also have the option to redo the message in Gmail.

Strike throughStrikethrough Users offers visual quote editing. Google believes that this feature will cause trouble in typing users email. This problem comes when the user wants to convert the language to a power indicator.

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Download as.EMLThis format is strongly recommended to be used by another email client. Using this, users also see the attachments of clients with Gmail content. With this, users have downloaded the message in an attachment with their email in this function


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