SBI Yono App

This is a feature-rich app that gives users easy access to the Yono SBI App (mobile banking services).

It has all of the features of Yono’s web-based banking and provides users with direct access to their balance and transactions via smartphones or tablets.

A big difference between the mobile banking apps on smartphones and tablets is the fact that the app is able to display data on a larger screen while on the other hand, most other mobile banking apps, for example, the NTRS (National Telecommunications and Information Security System) and Yono SBI’s own apps, offer users with a smaller screen size.

Everything You Need to Know About Yono SBI App

This is an interesting app and should be a must for any mobile banking user!

Yono app is your new digital banking solution for all of your banking needs, including credit card, insurance, savings, loans, and savings account.

Yono makes it easier to open a savings account, manage your money, and pay your bills.

Features include:

● Open savings account with Yono SBI App

● Add savings account to your Yono mobile wallet

● Open a savings account online, by mobile phone, or through an NFC-enabled card (NFC-enabled card sold separately)

● Add funds to a savings account from a pre-paid card (NFC-enabled card sold separately)

● Add funds to a savings account by tapping and holding a pre-paid card in the app

● Use NFC-enabled card to pay by card or via online banking (via mobile app)

● Open and manage savings accounts for your children

● View your balance and expenses

● Send money via email, SMS, or Facebook Messenger

We’re excited to introduce this innovative feature to Yono SBI app users

“It’s great that the YONO App will be the first way to pay for mobile transactions, which will allow consumers to make payments through their smartphones without the need for a traditional card,” SBI Chairman Yuto Ishiguro said. “The app is a perfect example of SBI’s leadership in innovation.”

The app will work as a bridge to the bank’s payment system, in which users can make payments using their smartphones. For example, customers can purchase mobile phone minutes and text messages.

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The mobile payment platform also allows customers to make purchases using their SBI debit or credit cards.

Yono SBI App

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A part of SBI’s digital banking platform, you simply want One Yono SBI app, the cardless money withdrawal service is offered across 16,500 ATMs of the bank within the country.

Such SBI ATMs will be called YONO Cash Point.

ATM transaction without an ATM card- sounds unreal, right?   Well, turns out that State Bank of India (SBI) has come up with a similar plan.   The largest bank in the country now allows its customers to withdraw cash from its ATMs without their cards.   The service is being offered through its Internet banking Yono app.   Here’s all you need to know about it.

Fact About the YONO app 

Yono SBI app (short for You Only Need One) is SBI’s official Internet banking app. The app is available for download on Android as well as iOS platforms. With the launch of the new service, SBI has become the first Indian bank to allow cardless ATM transactions.

How to withdraw cash from SBI ATMs using Yono SBI app

  • Procedure to start using the service, firstly download the Yono SBI mobile app on your smartphone.
  • Log in to your Internet banking account using the app.
  • Place a cash withdrawal request in the app.
  • Correspondingly, a 6-digit code will be sent on your registered mobile number. Use this code at the ATM machine to make the withdrawal.
  • Finally, a cash-withdrawal SMS alert will be sent to you.

Key things to know about the service

One must have Internet banking activated on their SBI bank account in order to use the service.

The 6-digit code used for the transaction is valid for only 30 minutes. The service is available only at SBI ATM outlets and Yono cashpoints.

Yono sbi app-Now withdraw cash from SBI ATMs without card

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Benefits of cardless ATM transactions

The cardless ATM service from SBI can help address the rising issue of bank frauds due to theft or loss of ATM cards. In addition, This new service is expected to curb ATM card skimming and cloning frauds.

Yono app is the one-stop online-banking solution for SBI account holders

The Yono SBI brings a new level of convenience to the people!

1. Use SBI as your wallet!

2. Buy mobile prepaid and recharge your bank account.

3. Use SBI Mobile Banking to get a discount or make a payment.

4. Save money by buying money account from a friend, brother, or relative.

5. Pay bills and make payments with your mobile number.

6. Make money transfers from your bank to your other bank accounts, via any mobile number.

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7. Receive the bill with your phone number and make your payment.

8. Check your balance, and save money!

*If your bank account is already linked with SBI, you can use it as your wallet instead of your card!

Additional Features:

Using the app, one can check their balance, create a fixed-deposit, add a beneficiary, etc.   The app also offers a personalized and comprehensive overview of the user’s expenditure.

You can also request checkbooks, ATM/Debit cards, or change ATM pin using the app.   Emergency services such as blocking of lost/stolen card and cheque termination are also available. Further, SBI users can enjoy exclusive discount offers.

You can even send money via SMS, and use your phone as a remote to track the amount that is deducted from your account. You can use the app to check the value of your bank account or manage your investments. It is a great tool to know your money better, and it is a great way to track your progress in keeping track of your assets.

You can use your smartphone or tablet to receive notifications from your bank account, and get a list of upcoming transactions. You can check the balance, or see the latest transactions that your account holds.

As an investor, you must be familiar with your investments and with the value of your investments. The value of your investments must be compared to the market. You can check your current investments, or get a list of investments that you might want to buy.

SBI to offer up to Rs 5 lakh Emergency Loan in 45 minutes

Know just how By following these steps, if a customer downloads the SBI Yono App on his smartphone, then you can find the amount of the loan directly simply. Rules have also eased for personal loans and other loans. SBI customers can apply for a loan while sitting at home. Pre-approved personal loans are being offered by the nation’s largest lender.

If a customer downloads the SBI Yono app on their smartphone, a person can get the loan amount directly in their account by following these steps.

Step 1. Download the SBI Yono app and log in.

Step 2. Click for pre-approved loan.

Step 3. Select time period and loan amount.

Step 4. Entering your OTP, the amount will be credited to your account.

How to check eligibility

To check whether SBI customers are eligible for a pre-approved personal loan, they need to send a message “5 last 67 digits of PAPL account number” to number 567676. In response, the customer will get to know the eligibility of his pre-approved administrative loan.


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