Choosing Industrial Floor Coatings

Choosing the right industrial floor coatings saves you a lot. Floor coatings are known to be durable, easy to clean, and they are also aesthetically pleasing. Various factors are likely to influence your decision when it comes to choosing the right industrial floor for your working space. One of the factors is the type of concrete that you have added to your space. The floor coating should be suitable for the floor. That is because a large-scale application is different from a small-scale one. Visit Milestone Flooring to make sure you will get suitable floor coatings for your industrial floors.

There are different types of floor coating, some of these types include chemical resistant coating, ESD coating, Epoxy floor coating, Polyurethane resin flooring, and more. Below are some of the things to consider when choosing your desired floor coating.


This should come as the first option. Safety is crucial in any working environment as both the building and the occupants should be protected. That is why it is important when scrutinizing various floor coating products to be aware of indoor air circulation during the activity and right after the work is accomplished. 

Having products like Low-Voc or no-Voc prevents dangerous substances from coming into contact. Dangerous substances such as heavy metals, solvents and other harmful chemicals are deterred from entering the air, hence making the whole coating process easy and safe.


How long the coating is expected to last is another important factor to consider while choosing an industrial floor coating. Having well-done concrete will contribute to long-lasting floor coatings. One of the qualities that well-sealed concrete provides is a friendly ecosystem, and a well-maintained floor can easily host floor coatings for the longest time possible.

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Checking the manufacturers’ information on how long their floor coatings last is crucial because you will also need to think about that when installing a new floor. A floor that lasts several years means that the owner will not have to spend too much on repairs. Coatings that harden the floor are advisable if you are looking for durability.

Demands For Your Working Environment.

You should consider the activities that take place in your building when choosing industrial floor coatings. Is the movement a lot?  Too much movement may end up affecting the floor. Chemical spills, extremely high levels of moisture and direct exposure to sunlight also pose a threat to the floor. However, there are available floor coatings that can withstand all these challenges. You should have the right specialist by your corner, and it will all be sorted out.

Talk to a contractor that understands the effects too much movement or certain chemicals will have on the floor. They will be able to direct you to floor coatings that will prevent your floors from getting damaged. They can come up with ideas for coatings that are anti-skid, conductive or dissipative, and anti-static. 


Having a well-maintained floor is easier when you have the right industrial flooring coating. Having a cracked floor surface provides a rearing spot for bacteria, algae and germs that make it very hard to clean and disinfect.  Putting in place a floor coating that discourages the growth of bacteria and other harmful germs is to clean with environmentally friendly cleaning substances. Adding some floor coating to your concrete surface makes all the difference. Floor coatings are easy to clean because they are made using the recent technology and eco-friendly materials that come in handy.

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Here are some questions that will guide any property owner looking for the right industrial floor coating.

How Much Abrasion And Impact Is There?

When choosing a coating for the floor, you need to ask whether there will be too much abrasion or impact from heavy equipment. When you are aware of the risks that can cause damage, you will choose a floor coating that will ensure the floor is safe from heavy equipment. If the property has very many employees, too much foot traffic is also a cause for damaged floors. Picking coating that is resistant to too much foot traffic will ensure the floors are safe from damage.

If Vehicles Will Use The Floor

It is advisable to be realistic about what the floor will ensure. If there will be vehicles that operate on the floor, choose a coating that can withstand that. Choosing one that gets damages quickly means that you will end up spending too much money on repairs. 

What Cleaning Chemicals Will Be Used?

There is no point in choosing an expensive coating for your floors but neglecting to check if it will get damaged by the cleaning products. You should pick a floor coating that can withstand the chemicals from daily cleaning. If the floor has to be cleaned regularly, a resin or rubber floor coating is the best choice.

Understanding the floor and what it will be used for is a big determiner of the best coating, so no property owner should ignore that.


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