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In this era of development and growth in technology, many companies innovate multiple applications for sharing data(video, audio, documents, pdf, etc.). You may share the data from Mobile to Mobile, mobile to PC or tablet, PC to PC, and vice versa. To make this process easy,download ShareME for PC. Don’t know How to? Let’s learn.

To begin with, some data transfer applications are applicable to Mobile to Mobile transfer only or PC to PC transfer only. What to do in that case? Which application should we choose? Do we have an application that can work from Mobile to mobile, PC to PC or Mobile to PC transfer? Is there any solution to this problem?

Well, You will be happy to know that the answer to all your above-asked questions is a big YES! There is an application introduced that can clear all your doubts and solve all your problems. The application is trendy among the young generation and has not less than one hundred million downloads.

SHAREME for PC:Make file transfer process much easier and effortless.

I know you have lots of questions in your mind regarding this new application. One hundred million downloads make this application among the most used applications. This application was previously known as MI Drop, and now it is termed ShareME. Therefore, this application was introduced to the world by a multinational Chinese electronics Company Xiaomi.

Merits of ShareME:-

Xiaomi’s ShareMe is available on the Play store to download. The good thing about this application is that it helps to transfer data on Xiaomi’s phone and other android devices like Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus, RealMe, LG, Samsung, and more. Also, ShareMe for android phones has a significant advantage; it does help in data transfer with an internet connection and WIFI.

You can connect your phone with the internet or data pack in your phone or use an external hotspot device and connect it with your phone using WIFI and transfer files and other required media.ShareMe offers a foolproof and secure experience with consistent performance. Experts have designed it, keeping in mind how important your privacy and personal information are.

DOWNLOAD SHARE ME FOR PC:Work offline with out internet with no Interference-

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We have discussed above, ShareME and its advantages while transferring data among Android phones. But, What about PC laptops? Does ShareME work on PCs? Is it practical and useful for PCs?

Knowing the answer to all the above-asked questions will put a smile on your face as the answer is undeniable. Yes! With the latest technology and its advancements. Experts have made this application transfer the files not only among the phones but also among PCs and make the Mobile to PC transfer possible and effortless.

Did you know?

Share is accessible to all PC users and is admired by thousands of PC or laptop users. It’s less time taking, and effortless feature makes it unique and popular. You will be happy to know that ShareME is now on the list of most used and famous data sharing applications globally, with more than 350 million users and still counting. ShareME for PC is capable of transferring data without or without the presence of internet or Wifi.

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We all get irritated and frustrated with the ads or commercial breaks in the middle of our favorite movie, series, or while playing games. Experts have found a solution for that too. ShareMe application is an android to android, PC to PC, Android to PC data transfer tool with no ads. Yes! You heard it right! You will see no ads or commercial breaks in the middle of using the app, and the data gets transfer with no hindrance or disturbance.

Steps to download ShareME for PC

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As we all know that we can download any required application on our smartphone from the Google store, Play store, or Apple store. But what about PCs? Does PC have any such online stores available to download the desired application? How do we download the desired application for our PCs? Can we download ShareMe on our PC? Will my PC support the ShareME tool?You will get the answer to all the questions one by one in this article.

ShareMe is a data transfer application for mobiles as well as PCs. When I say, ShareME is an ideal application for PCs, and it means that ShareME can be used on Windows and Macbooks. Good news for Apple users indeed, ShareME works fluently and flawlessly in Macbooks too. This feature makes it a world-renowned application. I hope the above details must have answered most of your questions.

Now, let me share the steps with you to download ShereME on your windows laptops as well as Macbooks:-

Steps to download ShareME on Windows Laptops or PCs

We all must have heard about Xender, Shareit, Superbeam. These all are data-sharing applications that you can download from the play store and use them. All these applications, as mentioned above, are ideal for data transfer on your android phones. But when it comes to data sharing among PCs or Macbooks, ShareMe is the answer.

Let me share the method with you to download the ShareME application on your PCs and Laptops:-

1. The two most general things that you need to download ShareME on your laptop are your Gmail account and the Nox emulator file.

2. You need to download this nox emulator file on your PC or laptop using the play store and install it. After successfully installing the Nox emulator file, open it on your PC, and you will see an option to SIGN IN. Now, Sign in using your Google Gmail account. Doing this will redirect you to the Play Store on your PC.

3. Once redirected, you will see a search bar available at the top of the screen with magnifying glass symbol, search for ShareME application on the search bar.

4. Complete the process, and you will see the ShareMe application download and install on your PC. If not, you may search for MI drop(another name for ShareME) and install it.

5. You will need a good WIFI or good data connection to download the application. Once downloaded, you will see an option to install it; click on the INSTALL option and proceed further.

6. Once you install the application, it is ready to use. You may click on the OPEN option to start the application, or, if you do not see an option to open it, go to the homepage of your PC or where you saved the application and search for the SHareME application. Therefore, Once you found the application, you may click on the application to open it. Congratulations! The application has been successfully installed on PC, and your ShareME application is ready to use with multiple and unique features.

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ShareME on Macbook(for apple users):-

As we all know, due to the unique and different software design of the apple phone or MacBooks, it is not an easy task to download any application in Macbooks or phones. This is because Apple always prioritizes its customers’ safety and makes its devices safe and protected from any theft or personal information loss.

The good thing about the ShareMe application is that you can now download it either on your apple phones or Macbooks. However, downloading this application on Macbook is somewhat different from downloading it on Laptops or PC of other companies.

Here are the steps to download the ShareME application on Macbooks:-

1. In this process, You need to download The nox player’s mac version. Go to the Apple Store on your MacBook. Search for Nox Player, download, and install it in your Macbook.
2. Once installed, open the player and login in with your Gmail credentials to proceed.
3. Once you log in, search for the various application on the top of the screen inside the application. Search for ShareME for MacBooks.
4. Once you see the ShareME on your screen, download it with useful speed data or Wifi.
5. After downloading the application, Install it, open it and enjoy it.

It wasn’t that hard, was it? With the ShareME app in your Macbooks, you may transfer the games and photos clicked with iPhone and other documents.

Apart from downloading the nox player on your PCs, there is an alternative approach for the ShareME installation.

You may also download the ShareME using Apk or Zip file. You must be wondering how to do that? Do not worry! We will end this article only after knowing the process of downloading the apk or zip file.

Steps to Download ShareME for PC using APK or ZIP file

In this process of downloading ShareME on PCs, you need to use another emulator. Instead of the Nox player, we will use Bluestacks this time.

1. Download the Bluestack emulator on your laptop. Instead of installing it, please choose the option to extract it and copy it to a folder.

2. Now, you need to open that ZIp file. Once you open it, you will find two different files. You need to double-click on the Bluestack emulator zip file and choose the install option.

3. Once you install the Bluestack emulator, you need to sign in with your email, and then you will reach the Emulator’s Dashboard.

4. Further, You will find three dots on the dashboard’s top right side; you need to select the Apk file option, then another dropdown will open. From another dropdown, select ShareME apk file or MI Drop if ShareME is not available.

5. At last, click on the install option. At last, your application will get downloaded and installed on your PC. I hope now you are aware How to Download ShareMe for PC. Good luck!


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