Computers became available to the consumers only in 1981 when IBM launched its first machine for home use. After this event, computer science began to grow exponentially as a field because more people were able to use this technology.

Now, computer science has become one of the most important realms in the world and its applications have no boundaries. You can see computer science techniques used in engineering and even medicine. This tells us that this is the future and there is no way to go through it. Due to its popularity, many new jobs have been created that require IT experts in computer science.

The companies are always looking for skilled workers who can solve any problem as long as it is related to their field. If you are going to apply for a job in any organization, you will need to show your employer what skills you possess and how eager you are to take your career forward. There is no better way to do so other than through an IT certification.

The credentials give you the chance to learn skills of your interest in a short period of time and also validate those skills. When the recruiters are given the opportunity to choose between a certified candidate and a non-certified one, they always choose the first option.

The vendor you choose matters as it forms your career path. That is why Microsoft will be the perfect choice. The company offers many certificates that cover different areas.But one of the most popular certifications is Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert.

To get this credential, you need to pass two exams: PrepAway AZ-400, AZ-103, AZ-900, 70-483, 70-740, MD-100, AZ-300 SalesForce ADM-201 & ADM-211 Yellow Belt and MS-101. Each test comes with its peculiar features and provides some unique benefits, so you have to do your research before signing up for an exam. In this article, we are going to talk about Microsoft MS-100 and its details.

Details and Topics of Microsoft MS-100 Certification Exam

Before you start preparing for Microsoft MS-100, there are a couple of things that you should know. Like most other Microsoft certification exams, this one is also designed for a certain group of people.

As the name of the associated credential suggests, this test is for those individuals who work with Microsoft 365 services. To be more specific, if you are involved in managing, deploying, or planning Microsoft 365 services, you should sit for this exam.

The exact number of questions for MicrosoftMS-100 is undisclosed but it is estimated that there are around 40 to 60 of them. The applicants will have 2 hours to answer all these questions. Don’t be afraid to attempt them even if you don’t know the answer because there is no negative marking visit

If you don’t want to face with this kind of situation at all and want to complete the whole test with a high result, you need to study the exam objectives. Certain domains make up Microsoft MS‑100. They are as follows:

  • Manage user roles and identities;
  • Design and implement Microsoft 365 services;
  • Plan Office 365 workloads and apps;
  • Manage access and authentication.

If you are not familiar with the objectives, you need to prepare properly and learn all of them. To know what to do and how, please continue to read.

Preparationoptions for Microsoft MS-100 certification exam

There are 4 sections that you need to cover, and you shouldn’t have any problems finding study materials for them. If you go to the Microsoft website, you will find that it provides a lot of helpful resources. But not all of them are completely free. For example, if you choose the instructor-led training program, you will have to pay a certain amount of money.

However, you can also go for the free online courses that are available on the site. No matter which preparation method you choose, you will surely be able to cover all the topic areas on time.

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If you are looking for other ways to prepare, you should visit PrepAway. On this platform, you can purchase the study bundle with various types of resources. With this package, you will get access to everything you need during your preparation, including a study guide, video tutorials, and practice questions.

If you only need braindumps, you can also download them for free, but you will need the exam emulator to open those files. These practice questions will make a huge difference because they will allow you to test your knowledge.

If you start your preparations early, you will have enough time to work on the areas that need more attention. Even if you have a lot of experience with Microsoft 365 services, you still need to prepare for it using conventional methods.

When you are taking Microsoft MS-100, you may quickly notice that you don’t have enough time to attempt all the questions. So, you also need to work on your time management skills. One of the best ways to do so is through practice questions. Get them and try to answer all of them within the time limit.

If you practice enough times, you will automatically be able to answer quickly during the actual exam.


Passing Microsoft MS-100 will take you one step closer to becoming an enterprise administrator. If you want to get the best results, you need to devote enough time to each topic. You never know how many questions might be asked from a certain subject, so you need to ensure that you know all of them.

There is no denying the fact that the use of exam dumps will certainly make it easier for you to prepare and even get a high score. The best thing about this certification testis that you will learn many new things, which you can then apply to your professional life.

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