Redmi Note 7 Pro

How to buy Redmi Note 7 Pro in Flash Sale: Redmi Note 7 Pro is being sold through Flipkart exclusively via Flash Sale. If you are planning to buy Radmi Note 7 Pro then this article will help you to buy Radmi Note Pro 7 online.

If you missed this phone in the last sale, here are some tips to buy it successfully next time it goes live on sale.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro is the latest phone in the line up of the Xiaomi Redmi Note series. It has become a sensation since it’s launch, thanks to the unbelievable specs it boasts. It went out of stock within 10 seconds in the first sale itself.

Now since it already started getting prices from customers and critics, the potential buyers are going to increase in number. That means the customers will face stiff competition to buy a unit of this beast. Don’t worry! In this detailed post, we suggest you best practices you can follow to buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro before it goes out of stock.3 Killer Specifications which makes Redmi Note 7 Pro most desired phone:

The main reason behind the extreme difficulty in buying this handset is the killer specifications of Redmi Note 7 Pro

How to buy Redmi Note 7 Pro in Flash Sale

Excellent Cameras:

The 48 MP coupled with 5 MP lens and with Exmor-RS CMOS sensor in the rear side enables the smartphone to take brilliant shots even in the low light conditions. No device presently comes close to this device in this budget in terms of cameras. In most cases, a smartphone buyer looks for the camera specs and this smartphone not only has a really powerful rear camera but also 20 MP selfie camera. The cameras are the highest USP(upper selling point) of this device.

How to buy XIaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro in Flash Sale

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The Redmi Note 7 Pro boasts a huge display with 6.3 inch IPS Full HD+ panel. The total resolution is 1,080 x 2,340 pixels which help the device achieve a whopping 409 PPI. This means watching a movie or reading an Ebook will be a breeze. Also this time Xiaomi has used Corning Gorilla Glass 5 protection rather than Gorilla Glass version 3.


The Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chipset coupled with a 2GHz octa-core 64 bit (2GHz dual-core + 1.7GHz Hexa-core Kryo 460) processor makes sure you can play any game without any hiccups. The 4 GB RAM and Adreno 612 GPU can help you play PubG at medium to high settings easily.

Apart from these, this handset also has other offerings like USB Type-C support, latest Android Pie out of the box and more. These collectively make this handset highly popular in the market and hard to get in the flash sale. It is still possible to grab it in the next sale if you haven’t still by following tips.

Tips to buy Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro in Flash Sale

I assume you are planning to use a laptop or PC, You should ensure that You have following prerequisites. Some of them apply to Mobile App as well.

TIP 1. Make sure that you have a Laptop or PC with a faster processor and Min 4 GB RAM

The main factor of not being able to buy something in a flash sale is arguably the internet speed. The processor and RAM of a computer system greatly impact your internet speed. The same goes with the mobile App. The Flipkart mobile App will respond better in a phone with a higher-end processor and RAM as compared to a phone with a low-end processor and low RAM. A laptop or PC with i5 Processor and 4-8 GB RAM is more likely to help you add the phone in the cart faster than a dual-core or even i3 Processor system. Borrow a higher-end laptop or mobile from your colleague or just tell them to order it for you in case your system or mobile is not that fast.

TIP 2. Disable all extensions on Chrome or Mozilla

Most of us use the Chrome OR Mozilla browser in our system. Make sure you disable all the extensions 15 minutes prior to the sale of RN 7 Pro. Extensions slow down your browser which you don’t notice while regular browsing. While flash sale doesn’t take a chance and disable all the extensions. In mobile clear all cache of the Flipkart App if you are going to use it for buying the RN 7 Pro.

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TIP 3. Use Cloudflare DNS in your system

By default, your computer system is set to use the generic DNS settings. Cloudflare DNS is the fastest one with the lowest latency when compared with other DNS providers. A DNS decides how fast any webpage appears on your computer screen. Faster the Redmi Note 7 Pro page appears in front of you, greater will be the chances of adding it into your cart.

TIP 4. Refrain from using a chrome extension to Automate the process

Well. if you search for “How to buy Redmi Note 7 Pro”, you will see hundreds of articles that claim to provide you trick to buy the handset using an extension. Now such scripts and extensions are being blocked by Flipkart. The reason behind this is that local vendors also try such tricks to buy it and resell it which is against Flipkart Policy. I used an extension to buy MI3 which worked that time as Flash sale was totally new in India. After that, this extension trick never worked out whenever I tried it. However, I could buy Redmi Note 3 without using any extension easily.

TIP 5. Keep your address including ZIP code ready and set as default

Since every second count during a flash sale, make sure that you have filled correct address and ZIP code. You should set the correct address as default if you have more than one address added in your Flipkart account.

TIP 6. Use PhonePe or BHIM UPI in your phone if you prefer a prepaid method of payment

How to buy XIaomi Redmi Note 7 Pro in Flash Sale

If you are going to use a mobile for buying RN 7 Pro, use PhonePe or BHIM UPI which don’t need OTP like other prepaid options like net banking/debit/credit card options. Keep these Apps ready with mobile verified and ready to use.

Final Words

Following above I am sure you will be able to buy Redmi Note 7 Pro. If you are still not able to buy this phone, wait for one month or so, this phone will be available in offline stores as well like Redmi Note 5 Pro. What do you think about Flash Sale? Let me know your thoughts through your comments.

Hope you liked this post. Also, comment and let us know do you like the flash sale system?


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