Infinix Hot 6 VS Huawei Y7 Prime
Infinix Hot 6X VS Huawei Y7 Prime

Infinix Hot 6X VS Huawei Y7 Prime: Which is better to buy?

A mobile phone is a telephone with cellular radio access to be used in a wide span of area without a wire connection. These days, mobile phones have become extremely popular. To an extent that it is now seen in the hands of all kinds of people, irrespective of age, class, color, creed, ethnicity, nationality etc, there are legitimately no bounds to the sorts of people who have become mobile phone users.

In this context, different kinds of mobile phones have emerged, with varying diversity in the types of electronic devices available. There are hundreds and thousands of features, different qualities of phones, and technology, sleek looks, all kinds of variations that were once merely a pipe dream. Yet, now they have turned into reality. What once appeared as expensive apple iPhones or Samsung galaxies, they have now diversified into companies like Huawei and infinix mobiles, amongst several others, that have provided avenues to explore for the customers.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the best smartphone when picking your selection of mobile phones. This is because, for an average user, mobile phones are a big investment. They take out a big chunk of your pocket money or your paycheque. It may even come after struggles of having to save up bits and pieces until you are financially able to purchase the product. In this spirit, it is so significant not to let your hard-earned and saved money go to waste, it must be put to good and effective use, otherwise, you will not just be dissatisfied with your electronic device, but you will regret the amount of money that you spent on the terrible experience of the mobile phone that you have recklessly and carelessly purchased.

In this article, we will talk about two mobile phones, Infinix Hot X and Huawei Y7 Prime. We will list out the basic specifications so you can make a one on one comparison and then, give you our verdict on which phone appears to be the better choice amongst the two. At the end of the day, we cannot dictate your choice because we all have different styles, different preferences, and different desires. However, we will try to strike a comparison based on fundamental elements that these mobile phones possess, by making it as objective as possible, and extricating it from the claws of our unnecessary and uncalled for bias. So sit back, relax, take a sip of cold water and sift through the words to look for the mobile phone of your dreams, so that it can stimulate your visual, audio and connectivity link as per your desires.

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Infinix Hot 6X

It was announced launched in 2018. Its dimensions are 6.18 x 2.95 x 0.31 inches and weighs 168 grams. It is a dual SIM and its display is IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors, sized at 6.2 inches and resolution of 720 x 1500 pixels. Its internal memory is 16 GB 2 GB RAM or 32 GB 3 GB RAM while it has a microSD up to 128 GB, with a dual camera of 13 MP and 2 MP whilst single selfie camera of 8 MP with LED Flash. Various features include fingerprint, accelerometer, proximity, and compass. It has non-removable Li-Po 4000 mAh battery and is available in the colors, Champagne Gold, Midnight Black, Ket Blue, and Bordeaux Red. Infinix Hot 6X price $101.59 USD.

Huawei Y7 Prime

It was announced in January-2019 and launched the same month. Its dimensions are 6.26 x 3.03 x 0.32 inches and weighs 168 grams. It is a hybrid dual SIM and its display is IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen with 16M colors, sized at 6.26 inches and resolution of 720 x 1520 pixels. Its internal memory is 32 GB 3 GB RAM while it has a microSD up to 1 TB, with dual camera of 13 MP and 2 MP whilst single camera of 16 MP with HDR. Various features include fingerprint, accelerometer, proximity and compass. It has non-removable Li-lon 4000 mAh battery and is available in the colors, Aurora Blue, Midnight Black, Coral Red and Brown. It is priced at $175.87 USD.

Which phone to buy? A one on one comparison between Infinix Hot 6X and Huawei Y7 Prime

If you are someone that has a budget of around $190.48 USD, then the Huawei Y7 Prime is your obvious choice, not only does it have brilliant features and specifications but all the qualities that have been listed, almost exceed that of the Infinix Hot 6X. As you can see the dimensions are bigger, the pixels are a bit better, the internal memory and capacity in microSD are enhanced. Similarly, the camera quality and megapixels involved in this context are clearly better than those being offered by Infinix Hot 6X, so the clear winner amongst the two is the latter that is Huawei Y7 Prime.

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Nevertheless, it is important to look into your pocket and then decide accordingly, because trust me, you may not even need the extra features if that means having to carve out an expense that your budget just cannot accommodate. In this case, it is better to go for the cheaper choice because it may be cheaper and may appear to be relatively poorer, but it isn’t an overall terrible phone. If you are looking to buy online you must visit to check the prices of different stores and get the one which is offering at a budget price. Infinix Hot 6X too is the best smartphone with amazing features and if it fulfills the kind of activities that you want to indulge in, and more importantly, is easy on your pocket, you should definitely go for it.

Do not succumb to peer pressure because it may cause you to overspend in an area which is not at all necessary, so be very vigilant, smart and informed when you make this decision. Get onboard a couple of family members, friends and colleagues so that you can make a better choice, with the influx of so many differing opinions. Whatever you buy, you will be happy as long as it is you who makes the choice. If you are happy and satisfied, no matter what the reviews say, you will have fun and you will enjoy the various twists and turns that come with your phone. Do not stutter, do not fall, save up, and go make the purchase you have been vying for, for so long. Good luck and Cheers!

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