5G Technology

5G technology is the new talk of the town. It is so because 5G is 20 times faster than 4G speed. This will help in implementing IoT(Internet of things) and other low latency demanding applications.

5G Technology Dangerous?

While 4G is still there, the new generation of network, ‘5G’ is being installed in major American cities namely Dallas, Atlanta, Waco, Texas, Sacramento and few more. In India, Jio may launch 5G in India by 2021. Should you be really excited about it? Does this new technology ring alarming bells on health-related consequences? Let’s find out.

So is everything cool about 5G Technology? No, at least with health perspective definitely “no“. Here are a few health concerns of radiations coming from 5G cell towers.

5G Technology Dangers[Health Concerns]

Is 5G Technology Dangerous for Health?

5g having high-frequency characteristics can’t cover vast distances as 4G do without the use of more number of antennas erected closer to each other. The 4G frequency band is 2GHz-8 GHz which is much lesser than that of 5G[30GHz-300 GHz]. Since the frequency band of 5G falls under the ultra high-frequency category, it is more likely to harm your body than the regular 4G.

According to Dr. Martin Pall, a biochemistry professor at the Washington State University, the implementation of 5G can lead to blindness, hearing loss, skin cancers, male infertility and thyroid issues. The 5G companies have avoided thorough testing which suggests that 5G is safer for people.

The solution to combat the health risks of 5G

Is 5G Technology Dangerous for Health?

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We live in a world in which everyone wants more. So it is obvious that people want even more speed which 4G provides. It is true that 5G technology will reduce the latency significantly than that of 4G and IoT will be implemented in every walk of lives.

However, we should not see only one side of the coin. Serious health issues can creep in with ultra-high-speed which 5G will bring you. Here are a few tips you can follow to safeguard your self from the adverse effects of 5G radiations.

Keep your phone at least 10 meters away from your body. It will not only help you sleep without any disturbances, but it also will control your addiction to a Smartphone.

  • Use radiation detectors to know whether you are overexposed to high levels of EMFs.
  • Always use earphones to talk especially for longer sessions.

Children are more vulnerable to radiation than adults and older people. So try to keep the phone and 5G gadgets away from them.

Limit the use of the phone when not necessary. Keep your phone in airplane mode while sleeping and rest time.

Is 5G Technology Dangerous for Health?


It is impossible to stop widespread implementation of 5G technology. However, it is definitely possible to understand EMFs in a better way and keep the adverse effect of radiation in a smarter way. 5G is definitely going to bring revolutionary changes in the telecommunication industry, but we should not welcome it without understanding the cons of its implementation.

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Using proper safety measures mentioned above you can protect yourself to a certain extent but it will be impossible to avoid harmful radiation to enter our bodies when it is fully implemented. It is high time to pressurize 5G companies to do needful and reliable testings on health hazards and environmental effects before installing it for public use.

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