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What awaits you on the road? We are always very attentive when driving. However, where speed and many surrounding factors affect our behavior and the operation of our mechanisms, problems can arise at any time. Let’s see auto accident lawyer be able to help resolve your issue.

Problems on the road are very often legal in nature.

Many of us find ourselves in an unforeseen situation and don’t know how to do it right. In addition, the actions of some road accident participants and legal representatives are not always legal.

The most common police interception can cause conflicts in which it is difficult for drivers to prove their case.

Protecting your rights

Most of the complications of waiting for the driver on the road are due to legal illiteracy, because it is impossible for one person to be an expert in all aspects. You probably have not considered the following facts:

  • A large part of the fines for vehicle inspections is illegal;
  • Many drivers did not fill in the agreement correctly;
  • Insurance companies often refuse to pay;
  • It is particularly difficult to raise independent challenges to court decisions.

Accident lawyer

This situation may become a victim of an accident. If you have trouble on the road, you should contact a lawyer immediately.

The accident lawyer will assist in solving the following issues:

  • Control the accuracy of road accident registration and filling in necessary documents;
  • Make suggestions on the correctness of your photos to repair the scene of the incident to challenge the illegal behavior of the police;
  • Make a fair assessment of the situation and conduct necessary consultations so that the driver can solve the problem by himself;
  • Will help to assign/challenge exams.
  • A auto accident attorney San Diego CA can help you avoid a series of adverse events after an accident.

As well as:

  • Experts will try to eliminate the negative effects of sanctions, such as confiscation of property;
  • Protest and cancel the court’s order to deprive the vehicle of driving rights;
  • Speed ​​up the return of rights at any stage of the case;
  • Obtain insurance compensation in accordance with the law;
  • will achieve the recovery of physical and material damage from the guilty party in the collision, the insurance company and other responsible persons;
  • It will lead to positive results in compensation cases for moral and property damage caused by infringement of your rights.
  • Appeal against police procedures and orders
  • As mentioned above, police officers often commit serious violations of the law when formulating administrative agreements and applying administrative fines.
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Practice has shown that most cases of appeals against police agreements and decisions in the road traffic field end in positive decisions against drivers.

The correct drafting of complaints and other documents is the key to success in disputes with government agencies.

If you are fined but you disagree with this, please contact a lawyer. We will always find a solution to the problem.

Protection of the rights of drivers under Article 130

A separate topic is to protect the rights of drivers when drafting agreements under Article 130 of the Administrative Violation Act (Drunk Driving).

An obvious fact is that in many cases, the police have abused their rights, raising the suspicion that the driver is drunk.

In our practice, there have also been situations of intimidation. The purpose is to make the driver admit that he is drunk and sign the agreement without passing the exam. It is very common for field testers to show wrong results (analysis by medical institutions confirms this).

According to our experience, in such situations, unethical police officers use intimidation, threats, blackmail and solicit bribes. As a result, an illegal agreement was drafted and the case was sent to the court.

In most cases, the formulation of such agreements is a serious violation of regulations. Witnesses can be “their own” or threatening drivers of other vehicles.

This is where a qualified lawyer is needed:

  • Analyze the correctness of the compiled documents and whether they comply with the law;
  • Prepare an explanation for the court;
  • Appeal the decision of the Court of Appeal;
  • Justice will be done for drivers.
  • Our experience shows that in most cases, the rights of drivers can be protected in the court of the first instance or at the appeal stage.
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Under what circumstances does an accident need legal assistance?

The main task of an accident lawyer is to protect the rights of the client who makes the application, no matter what type of accident participant he belongs to: the perpetrator or the victim.

The problem situations caused by road traffic accidents can be grouped according to their participants and situations.

Illegal Acts Of Traffic Police

Inspectors may impose psychological pressure on the perpetrators, victims, or witnesses due to incompetent or deliberately causing accident site surveys, drawing, and wrongly drafting agreements.

In any adverse situation, an experienced lawyer will be able to:

  • Quickly and fully assess the situation;
  • Advise clients on their rights and track their compliance;
  • Take over communication with the other party to the conflict and reach a compromise if necessary;
  • Begin inspections of victims and perpetrators to rule out falsified evidence;
  • Supervise the compliance of traffic police or insurer representatives;
  • Looking for witnesses, etc.
  • The sooner you get the services of a lawyer, the lower the risk of unpleasant development of the incident. Therefore, it is best to call the lawyer within the first minute after the accident.

The professional support of lawyers is particularly important for resolving the consequences of serious injuries or deaths.

Get the much-needed cash

An accidental injury can instantly change your entire life. The cost of materials related to the accident and necessary to restore health will rise. The average claim amount after a car accident is $15,400. For extremely serious injuries, the amount may be much higher, and treatment costs and related expenses may increase, not tens of thousands of dollars, but thousands of dollars, or even millions of dollars.

Due to a lack of savings, most Americans are not prepared for such unforeseen expenses. Fortunately, if someone else is the cause of the accident or accident, you have the right to make a claim for damage to your health. Our company’s lawyers will help you get the right cash. The ultimate goal of our work is to obtain fair compensation for the injuries suffered.


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