Car Gadgets

A car is something we can’t do without in our busy daily life. We use cars to go to the grocery store, get to the office, and sometimes we even rent a car for road trips. 

Yes, the large selection of cheap car rentals under 25 allows even young drivers to enjoy car travel. However, for a successful trip, you sometimes need a lot more than a well-serviced rental car and an experienced driver. 

Technology today is making road travel easier through the use of smart gadgets. Some of them improve safety, while others are necessary for convenience and entertainment. Well, if you are going on a road trip soon, consider the following gadgets to make your journey much better and easier.

USB Car Charger 

Games, music, movies, social networks – all this allows you to while away the time on your trip. But even the smartest gadgets have one disadvantage. Guess which one? That’s right – they lose charge. An acceptable solution can be a power bank or a modern car battery charger with a built-in battery and USB connectors. They will help your gadget to work much longer. 

Drivers of modern cars shouldn’t worry about this at all. They will usually find USB slots in the front and rear of the car. However, if your car is not that advanced, it’s worth grabbing a USB Car Charger.

Car Inverter

Unfortunately, not everyone can completely forget about work while traveling. And the best way to save time for your vacation is to get the job done on a long trip. Unfortunately, laptops have the same problem as other gadgets – their batteries don’t have unlimited charge. That’s why the most useful gadgets for cars are those related to battery recharging. 

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So it makes sense to get a car inverter that takes the 12-volt direct current (DC) from a standard car outlet and changes it to a 120-volt alternating current (AC). A 300-watt device is enough for most tasks. Such inverters are not too expensive and often come in handy in the most unexpected situations.

Headrest Tablet Holder

Everyone who travels with children knows that one of the main problems is keeping your little travelers busy. Young passengers quickly get tired of the monotony and often make their parents nervous. Unfortunately, this is bad not only for the nervous system but also for safety.

Therefore, try to forget for a while the reasoning that children spend too much time with smartphones. When traveling by car, gadgets, and devices are your best assistants. Yes, you can just give your child a tablet with a large supply of cartoons, but then you can only guess – will the child spill a drink on it or accidentally break it? 

The safest and most convenient option is to attach the gadget to the back of the front seat headrest. There are a lot of such devices not only in specialized stores but also in supermarkets. Therefore, you can easily choose the one that suits you.

Car Video Recorder (DVR)

At the beginning of each trip, we try to think that everything will be fine. However, nobody is safe from getting into an accident. So, it’s often not easy to identify the culprit, and in this case, the recording made on the DVR will be very useful to you. 

Today, you will find many such devices on the market, and some gadgets for the car combine the features of not only a recorder, but also a radar detector, and sometimes even a GPS navigator

There’s no point in chasing versatility in this case. The main thing that should interest you when choosing the car video recorder is the image quality. It’s better for the device to provide the Full HD, and even better – Super Full HD quality. Either way, equipping your car with a DVR will make you feel more confident on the road.

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Anti-sleep alarm

Today you can find many gadgets for tracking the state of the driver, and they all have a common name – the anti-sleep alarm. The device evaluates the driver’s behavior according to several parameters and determines the dangerous degree of fatigue. As soon as the person sitting behind the wheel starts to doze, the anti-sleep alarm emits a sharp sound signal. 

This will avoid falling asleep while driving. Unfortunately, there’s one drawback here. An unexpected loud sound can scare the driver and also trigger an accident. 

If you literally fall on the steering wheel from fatigue, then you urgently need to rest. Therefore, don’t risk it but stop your car and take a break.

Portable Fridge

During the journey, the car becomes your temporary home. Every house should have a kitchen, and the kitchen should have a refrigerator. It keeps food fresh and drinks cool. Such useful car gadgets are abundant in the market. If the trip is short, you can get by with a box with thermal insulation, which works like a thermos. Unfortunately, it doesn’t hold the cold for too long – only about eight hours. 

A portable refrigerator powered by an automobile outlet will be much more appropriate for a trip. It can operate both at maximum power and in ECO mode, which significantly reduces energy consumption. Moreover, when the voltage drops, the refrigerator will automatically disconnect from the network. So, you don’t have to worry about the refrigerator draining your battery completely.


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