Over the past two decades, we have witnessed advancement in technology, making everything go the internet way. From e-libraries to websites; individuals and corporations now ensure a prominent online presence as a way of advertising their services. Subsequently, more people are relying on the internet for information on everything including service providers for their needs. For instance, you only need to go online and find this company dealing in junk removal.


Junk removal companies offer different service packages, depending on their business objectives. There are some that will not only haul junk away but will also dispose of and do cleanouts. This depends on their service packages.  Whether you intend to clear out your space for renovation, foreclosure, or re-modeling; there are sites that suit your needs. We have put together a list of 7 junk removal sites that are the best to meet your needs. These are:

Jiffy Junk 

As a locally operated junk hauler in Long Island–New York, Jiffy Junk is your Eco-friendly and efficient junk removal service. You can effortlessly clear the junk and haul away anything from your home or business. The company has fully insured and licensed personnel, who handle the heaviest and most difficult junk loads.

Home and office appliances, yard debris, industrial and electronic waste are removed professionally at competitive rates. What’s more, you get cleanouts for home removals, industrial and commercial services. In addition, Jiffy junk does hoarding cleanup, furniture removal, and estate clean-up. The junk goes for recycling appropriately, donated to charity or to proper disposal sites.

College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving

With over 100 locations in the US and Canada, College Hunks is a one-stop service provider for junk removal. It does cleanouts for garages and estates in the US and Canada. The company has a variety of services including packing and unpacking, hauling away, and disposal. In addition, College Hunks facilitates moving or donation pick-ups that most people need while removing junk. This makes it cheaper and easier on the clients. On their site, however, it is only with scheduling a pick-up that you can get a price quotation. The pricing depends on the volume of your junk and the distance between pick-up and drop-off.

Junk king 

If you are looking for a company with a full package in junk removal, then Junk King is your go-to site. They organize the removal of old furniture items, e-waste, yard waste disposal, cleanouts, and removal of waste from construction sites. The advantage is that you do not have to have an on-site visit to get a budgetary estimate. You can upload a photo of your junk items on their website and get a quote. Alternatively, you can use their online pricing estimator to estimate the cost. Junk King has reliable customer support. Thus, you can get a quote on-site easily.

LoadUp Junk Removal 

The most amazing thing about LoadUp is that they offer junk hauling at affordable prices. With an array of junks removal services, the company offers affordable prices for small loads with upfront pricing. You can simply upload photos of what you want to be picked up. They immediately give you a quote after you give them your zip code. With coverage in 170 cities and 49 states, LoadUp offers home and office pickup services in a contactless manner. This means that you can leave your stuff packed. In addition, even in your absence, they can pick both boxed and bulky items.


GOT-JUNK offers junk removal options for both homes and businesses. It has good reviews on keeping time for pick-ups and 24-hour customer service assistance. Thus, all you have to do is fill in your ZIP code and describe your items. In addition, state the date for pick up. Every two hours the company books pick-ups and their charges are based on the space occupied in their trucks. This means that you cannot get an advance quotation until their team arrives to assess the situation. The non-negotiable price is inclusive of labor, fuel, disposal fees, and a clean-out after junks has been removed. 

The JunkLuggers 

With a presence in 28 states, JunkLuggers is the best for eco-friendly disposal which helps to avoid building up landfills. Most of the junks are donated, recycled, or disposed of in a manner that doesn’t affect the environment negatively. They not only remove yard debris, furniture, and electronics, but also e-waste, industrial waste, and useless appliances.

Moreover, you can book by sharing your address, contact number, and specific needs on an online form on their website. In two hours, the company will schedule your pick-up but give a price quotation upon arrival. The price depends on the space taken up by your junks in their truck; inclusive of other fees.


If you are a do-it-yourself person, then you would consider temporary roll-off dumpster services from waste management. Moreover, you may also consider a Bagster option. This is if you have junks in smaller volumes. The convenience of the Bagster service is that it’s a great alternative to renting a dumpster. Thus, the advantage of waste control is the option to load up junk. This is especially when you have small volumes or doing decluttering.

Final Thoughts

Your choice of a junk’s removal company depends on your needs and interests. Therefore, whether you have a small job or a collection of bulky items, the companies above can serve your needs. Alternatively, you may prefer cheaper options, strict budgets or prefer to go for service efficiency, and all-in-one packages. Whichever the case, the junk’s removal sites identified in this article have their own unique approaches to service delivery. The power of choice rests in your hands!

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