Best Mobile App All Time (Updated May 2020)

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    Here we have given the Best Mobile Apps for Android smartphones that will make your work a lot easier.

    Since the year 2014, the use of smartphones in India is increasing more and more. You can divide people using smartphones in two types.

    10 Best Mobile App of Android Smartphones

    Firstly, people who use this tool in terms of entertainment and other people who make fun of their personal lives, along with entertainment. In such a case, if you are of another type, then this article will be useful to you. Here we will tell you in detail about the best android apps all the time.

    The interested Best mobile app can be downloaded for free on the Google Play store all 2020 given in the list. Of these, you do not have to pay for any facility. Apart from this, all these apps are fully validated, there is no risk of damage to your personal data.  

    Google Translator

    Google Translator

    Your phone can convert any text I have available in about 32 types of languages. Google is unable to understand Sanskrit now. But still, it can translate Hindi and other regional languages.

    Google Files

    This app is a great help to manage all the files, video audio, and photos located in mobile phone memory and memory cards, and in a single place,

    It is also helpful in erasing the useless Junk file stored in memory. Boosts your mobile phone’s Bluetooth speed up to about 500 Mb per second. That is, even file sharing from Bluetooth gets very fast.


    This is a video editing best mobile app. We can also easily edit the video with a professional effect on our smartphone. This app is available in both free and premium versions. In the free version, you get a watermark feeling video and works fully under the premium version. There is quite a good identity among the users.

    Easy Voice recorder

    Easy Voice recorder

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    It’s a voice recorder app, in which you get many other features than the normal voice recorder. The noise that was recorded with the voice can be removed.

    Voice recordings can be done in different formats. Free and premium on the Play Store are available in two versions.



    This is one of the most spectacular Android keyboard applications to overcome English grammar mistakes. If you are typing in English on WhatsApp or writing a post on Facebook or writing an e-mail.

    if you make mistakes in English grammar, then this app will help them to improve. Correcting your wrong words will correct and correct.

    BHIM App

    This is the main application of the digital payment service launched by the MODI Government of India. Using which you can send the balance to any bank account of your bank account.

    The best part is that this transfer takes only a few seconds and the money sent by you goes to the fixed account. You do not have to pay a convenience fee in its use.

    This is a very safe app and its quality can be estimated by the fact that Google’s Google pay (Tez) also uses BHIM App Gateway.  

    Duck Duck Go

    Duck Duck Go

    This is a web browser. It provides you with the convenience of secure internet browsing. You will be aware that Google keeps track of all your activities. What you are doing in your phone keeps getting all this information through the internet.

    Google also stores your location and your search history with you, but when you run the internet using Duck Dock, all your information is limited to your phone. We recommend you run Facebook through the Duck Duck Go App instead of the Facebook app.

    Norton App Lock

    This helps to secure the installed app on the mobile phone. By applying any application form of a password prototype, you can limit its use.

    Cam scanner

    Cam scanner

    Now you do not need a print scanner to scan any kind of paper, documents, photos. Camscanner can easily scan by using a phone camera and can use it for online works, apply for any form or create a mobile book.

    Snap seed

    This is a good photo editing app available for free on Google Play Store and it’s made by Google itself. In this, you can use the lens blur feature.

    In addition to a certain objective subject, the rest can blur the whole background, the person I see can rotate the particular skull in the other direction. That is, the direction of seeing it can change.


    Hopefully, the applications here will prove to be very useful for you. However, these are used by 80% of India’s smartphone users anyway. Maybe after checking them once you keep using them forever.

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