Google Pixel 3 Review

Google Pixel 3 is the newest causality. Pixel 3 might be the new and upcoming smartphone that is not released yet. The very first Pixel, too, didn’t alter a good deal generation-to-generation whenever the Pixel 2 arrived. The original Pixel deserves a particular commendation for kickstarting always-on HDR two decades ago.

Google Pixel 3 Review

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With Google Pixel 3, you receive a lot. Let’s take a better look at the Pixel 3 and see whether it is in fact a device for me. In reality, the Pixel 3 might be the very first small Pixel with a fair screen to body ratio. The Pixel 3 will appear similar to the Pixel 2, as stated by the tipsters, and won’t have a notch or edge-to-edge screen. Google Pixel 3 has the ideal smartphone camera you are able to buy today. Check out all the characteristics that the Google Pixel 2 must offer.

Introducing Google Pixel 3

Into 2019, Google Pixel 3 gets the best smartphone you can purchase. Do not let its uncooked specs fool you: its quite normal-sounding 12.2MP back camera using one lens and an f/1.8 aperture is enriched by machine-learning applications, Google’s secret sauce into creating your photographs better. The telephone design does not stand outside, and also the battery life will probably be underwhelming for electricity users, but Google does package at a 5.5-inch display and double front-facing speakers right into a one-hand-friendly phone. It is Google’s best telephone at a more compact size.


  • Google’s amazing camera got improved
  • Much enhanced 5.5-inch OLED display
  • Great one-hand-friendly dimension


  • Weaker battery life on the little phone
  • Quite muted colors this season
  • 4GB of RAM while some others do 6GB
Google Pixel 3 review

As it came out, Google Pixel 3 had the best smartphone on the current market, and it comes at a one-hand-friendly size using a screen large enough to satisfy most people.

We are expecting to see it decreased for Amazon Prime Day 2019, as most cutting edge smartphones are expected to be disregarded, so if you are considering the Pixel 3, then you can see a massive chunk of cash removed.

You do not require a big, pocket-busting cellphone to find excellent photos (the Pixel 3 features a 5.5-inch display ), nor do you want a dual-lens back camera (it only has one lens on rear ), nor the funniest aperture onto a telephone (f/1.8 was defeated by the LG and Samsung’s faster f/1.5 aperture). Google demonstrates that its 12.2MP photographs are exceptional thanks to machine-learning camera software and picture consistency.

For this very day, the Google Pixel two camera calms us and also the Google Pixel 3 builds from the success with greater picture detail and enhanced HDR. It is not bezel-less by any other means, but you do get more display real estate than about the Pixel two — and maintain the front-facing speakers.

You are not likely to find everything within this little package. The battery drops short of bigger phones in a 2,915mAh capability, even though it still provides all-day battery lifetime with conservative usage in our evaluations. Snapping 100 great photographs in two hours severely tanked our unit’s battery life. And, as far as we laud the onscreen camera applications and Night Sight manner in our evaluations, the program does not have all Samsung’s and LG’s awesome camera program tricks.

Google Pixel 3 Review

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Google Pixel 3 is the perfect smartphone for anybody who cares about picture quality and is not happy with their cellphone’s picture-taking capabilities now. And, unlike the similar, one-hand-friendly iPhone XS, it is cheap — by 2018 and 2019 flagship standards.

Or, it had been. The newest mobiles maintain some of the cutting edge attributes of this Pixel 3 array, even though they do reduce a few specs also, so if you are eager to receive your hands on one of Google’s handsets, think about checking out our reviews of the latest devices to find out whether they are better for you.

In addition to this, newer phones have come to wonder the Pixel 3’s smartphone superiority, like the Huawei P30 Guru, therefore is it at the very top of our listing of the Best camera mobiles? Keep reading to learn.

Release date and cost

Google Pixel 3 Review

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The very first pre-orders started right after the October 9 launching event.

We advocate more internal storage as you can not update later (remember, there is no microSD card slot about this telephone ).

You are paying for the expansive display and machine-learning camera, and also the fact that nearly all flagship smartphones are more expensive in 2019.

But some third party shops have knocked a small bit off the cost – you can frequently locate the Pixel 3 for about $50/50 less than the RRP.


Google Pixel 3 keeps Google’s familiar two-tone layout — the rear has shiny glass on top, while reduced 80 percent has a matte finish. There is a more seamless transition between the two textures for a higher-quality appearance and texture, but complete its appearance has not changed radically.

It easily fits in 1 hand, and, for the most part, it is possible to run it without even resorting to using 2 hands. That is the best reason to opt for Pixel 3 on the Pixel 3 XL. Its screen size is large enough, however, the telephone hand feel is quite manageable. Others will enjoy the simple fact that it does not possess a nasty notch cut at the very top, a style selection deal-breaker for all. Due to the late 2018 launching, the Pixel 3 also averts the punch hole’ camera layout option seen from the Honor View 20. It is a trend that is sweeping 2019 smartphones, for example, Samsung Galaxy S10.

Google Pixel 3 Review

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The Pixel 3 string appears like its predecessor, but it will actually use various substances. The whole back is constructed from soft-touch glass with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It is the exact same reinforced glass that guards the front display, and it is all sandwiching an aluminum frame which has a hybrid — that is the only piece of metal you’ll find on the exterior.

Sure the all-glass layout creates the Google Pixel 3 more vulnerable to harm (although we’ve yet to discover the scratches others have reported), however, glass also empowers a much better LTE link and wireless charging. That is why we’ve noticed a deficiency of aluminum-backed flagship mobiles in 2018. Pixel 3 is the most recent causality.

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Wireless charging is a brand new attribute for the Pixel telephones, and also a welcome shift today that Google has established the Pixel Stand wireless charger together with its new apparatus. We have not experienced a wirelessly charging Google telephone as the plastic Nexus 6.

More curved borders are anyplace on the Pixel 3. Its framework is less boxy than preceding Google telephones, a trend we have seen in the iPhone and many others. This would be the harsher silver bevel around the framework and back fingerprint detector. It is like Google place the Pixel 2 via a machine that is ab, and we enjoy the results.

You will still find double front-facing speakers around the Google Pixel 3. Nobody else is actually doing so anymore (except Razer using all the Razer Phone two ), so it is great to see in a flagship device. You will also acquire Energetic Edge, which lets you compress the sides of the telephone to call up Google Assistant. We prefer this squeeze mechanic instead of a dedicated AI button onto the framework, as Samsung does use Bixby button (that we frequently confuse for the volume down ).

The Pixel 3 includes USB-C earbuds from the box, so, no, there is no standard 3.5millimeter headphone jack (like last season’s Pixel two ) and with no microSD card slot, you are stuck using 64GB and 128GB storage configurations.

Google Pixel 3 color is fairly muted, with all’ Only Black’ as our favorite of this trio. ‘Clearly White’ seems more affordable and not Pink’ is not for everybody. Okay, it is the color you want if you are trying to stand out somewhat, but we enjoyed last year’s exceptional Mint color more. You do receive a new Mint color on the White Google Pixel 3 power button, yet.

Display and bezels

The 5.5-inch OLED display fits into modern times. It is large and expansive and stays at a telephone that is smaller than we’d anticipated given the display size rumors. It is roughly the exact same dimensions since the Pixel 2, that had a bigger 5-inch screen.

Google Pixel 3 Review

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It is the grown-up variant of last year’s mobile. Google Pixel 3 display appears richer compared to last year’s Pixel 2, also. The specs notice that it’s just a couple more pixels per inch, but bear in mind the screen is a lot taller, so you will find far more pixels dispersed across a half-inch of the additional display. There are clearly fewer bezel thanks to it is 18:9 aspect ratio as opposed to the outdated 16:9 look. Last year’s oversized bezel, we believed, was the greatest disappointment design-wise concerning the Pixel 2XL.

Oh, it has a bezel. There is no hiding both wheeled cameras and speaker on very top and chin in the base. Nonetheless, it’s the best we have seen out of a telephone with double front-facing speakers and with no deep (some might say awful) notch cut out.


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