Have you been going through IBPS PO Previous Year Papers to understand the difficulty level? You have landed on the right platform. Here, we are going to explain to make you understand the IBPS PO Exam.

Data Interpretation & Analysis 

Talking about this section, it is indeed quite moderate in the context of difficulty level. It means you would not find so many difficulties while preparing for it. Moreover, the most important thing is that the data interpretation and analysis section comes up with a total number of 60 marks. Doing sophisticated preparation for this exam can make you take a score on the next level.  It holds a total number of 35 questions indeed. This section comes up with 25 questions and each one should be of two marks. You should also try a mock test to understand this in a better way. Moreover, each question would be one mark for 10 questions. And the most important thing is that always consider the official site to accumulate authentic information such as downloading IBPS PO Scorecard. Questions will be asked from this section.

Now, you might be wondering about each topic and its difficulty level. Here, we are going to mention in a detailed manner:-

  • Data Interpretation will be carrying a total number of 16 marks. It probably has a moderate level which brings a huge relaxation.
  • The next on the list is Data Sufficiency containing three questions and it comes up with an Easy-to-Moderate level.
  • And QC, Wrong NS, TS&D, MC, and Caselet also come up with moderate levels. Doing sophisticated preparation will make you choose it.
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General Awareness in IBPS PO Exam 

To make your general awareness good, you should keep a close eye on the things happening around you.

General Awareness questions revolves around General/Banking/Financial Awareness sections and it holds 40 questions. These questions could be difficult if you have not prepared for it. Moreover, it holds 40 marks and you can make an ideal score if you prepare in an ideal manner.

Do not forget to go with apps, social media platforms that keep preparing you about the important things. This section is categorized from being moderate to difficult. In this section, we are going to mention some of the important questions. You need to cover some of the important current happenings so that nothing would be missed.  Preparing this section can truly help you to make a better score indeed.

Descriptive Paper of IBPS PO Exam  

Do you love writing such as essays or letter-based? If yes, then this thing is supposed to be the ideal one for you to grab some more marks. Descriptive Paper can be put under a moderate level if you understand it right from its core. The descriptive paper also comes up with important questions right from letter writing and essay writing.

The essay writing topics could be related to a current situation such as Covid 19, Work From Home, and so on. It means topics would be from the current ones. The letter writing topics are mentioned here such as complaints regarding the damaged electronic product to the shopkeepers and so on.

Reasoning & Computer Aptitude 

The reasoning and CA section will be there containing 45 questions. And this section holds a total of marks 60. You need to do a practice selection/distance/circular/classification/linear/parallel oriented puzzle. This section requires practice so that you get good at it. The puzzles section is moderate and it contains 25 questions. The next sections are Data Sufficiency is also moderate and there will be 3 questions from this section. Coded Direction will be there with 3-4 questions and this section is also counted as being moderate. The Coded Blood Relations holds a total number of two questions and it is moderate too. The Machine Input Output section carries 4 questions maintaining a moderate level. Coding and Decoding hold a difficult level and there will be 3 questions from the section. Logical Reasoning, HTC, and BBM sections belong to a moderate level.

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English Language Section 

This section comes up with a total number of 35 questions which will be 40 marks. The English language will be quite moderate. It holds three categories of the reading section. The Reading Section holds a total number of 12 questions and the difficulty level goes from being moderate to difficult. Double Fillers holds a total number of 4 questions and it also comes under moderate level. Word Rearrangement is also regarded as being moderate carrying 3-4 questions. Starters & Connectors are known for carrying a total number of 3 questions and this also holds a moderate level. The next on the list is Cloze Test and Phrase Replacement carrying 2-3 questions holding moderate level.


Hope this information has helped you a lot to understand the difficulty level. While preparing for your exam, you need to consider these things so that you could prepare in a better way.


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