Telegram Vs WhatsApp
Telegram Vs WhatsApp

Telegram vs WhatsApp – Who should you use? Telegram is very easy to use app which can be accessed from multiple devices. It’s the same thing as Whatsapp, but with some features that make it slightly different. Telegram’s goal is to make communication more efficient by enabling you to send and receive messages. But with a higher level of privacy and security.

Whatsapp, on the other hand, is a better option when it comes to security because it’s encrypted and cannot be opened from other applications.

We’ll tell you more about WhatsApp and Telegram below, but first, let’s cover the differences between the two.

The app that is better to use

WhatsApp and Telegram are two apps that are very similar and will help you to use better in the same way.

Both WhatsApp and Telegram enable you to communicate on the go. Whether it’s a group of friends, friends of friends, or even just some random people that you want to contact. But you should know that the security of each platform is different, with the main difference being that Telegram is a secure messaging app while WhatsApp and Signal aren’t. Both are secure but not equally.

Signal has been heavily criticized for being very insecure and it seems that many users are migrating to WhatsApp since the price of Signal is now a lot more reasonable. I’m going to walk you through my personal experience and try to give a clear picture on how to make the most out of WhatsApp and Signal.

Telegram vs WhatsApp –What is difference between Telegram and WhatsApp?

Difference Between Telegram and WhatsApp

Telegram app is a free and secure messaging app that you can use to send messages to anyone in the world. There are two sides to Telegram, the chat client and the platform. The chat client allows you to easily send a private message or set up a group. You can also download more apps from the platform which allows you to download other clients and share your contacts with them.

WhatsApp is a popular messaging app that allows you to send and receive messages and calls. It works on multiple platforms, mobile devices, and desktop computers. You can use the app to send or receive messages to anyone and set up a group or to send a link. The app also allows you to make calls to other people.

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How do I access the messenger app on Android devices?

Telegram works on the official Android devices and you can download Telegram app on the official Android app store, or via the official website.

Is Telegram better than WhatsApp?

Telegram’s features

Telegram is a secure messaging app with a focus on security. You can share and receive encrypted and anonymous messages to and from others around the world. It is one of the best services for chatting and keeping in contact. Telegram is available in English and Spanish and you can get free access with a Telegram Passport.

WhatsApp’s features

WhatsApp’s user base is huge with over 800 million active users around the world, with many new users being added every day. However, WhatsApp also has a lot of vulnerabilities and security flaws. Its servers can be compromised and data can be lost, as happened in the case of the iCloud breach. In addition, WhatsApp also has a user base in some countries where people are not allowed to use the app without a government-issued permit.

Is Telegram really private?

  • Telegram is a secure communications platform that makes it easy for users to send and receive secure messages from a wide variety of applications.
  • It’s the leading messaging app for Android that has over 100 million active users worldwide and was launched by Pavel Durov in 2009.
  • Telegram’s messaging features are built upon the Signal protocol and are considered more secure than other secure messaging services.
  • How can I send encrypted messages using Telegram?
  • Telegram’s desktop client features a secure messaging service that’s available to users of the app.

Telegram vs WhatsApp 2019

Telegram vs WhatsApp 2019

A Comparison For the sake of this analysis, I chose Telegram and WhatsApp. This is because each is a messaging service and both have the ability to have their privacy features exposed to the user. This means both are a decent choice for anyone who cares about their privacy. The reason I chose the comparison of Telegram and WhatsApp is because I have a lot of respect for Telegram’s privacy policy and have had success with them in the past.

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A quick glance at WhatsApp’s Privacy Policy (notice the words “personal data” are used) indicates that it has the ability to share your data with third parties (for example advertisers, Google, and Facebook) and that you may be asked for permission to share your personal data. So why use the same messaging service as a service like Facebook Messenger? The simple answer is that both WhatsApp and Telegram do not have any advertisements in their messaging services.

Telegram vs WhatsApp security

The two messaging apps offer two different ways to encrypt messages. Both are encrypted, but one encrypts all your messages (in case the service you are using is compromised). while the other only encrypts some messages (which you can decrypt later if you’re interested in keeping your chats private).

WhatsApp is far more secure than Telegram and also offers more advanced encryption features.

WhatsApp is now more secure because of two-step verification, you only have to enter two information. If you have doubts about two-step verification, read the detailed article about Two Step Verification

There is a bug with Telegram, which means that if you have both these apps installed on a device. You won’t be able to make outgoing calls from the Telegram app to the Telegram app. But if you install WhatsApp and use Telegram as your only messaging app on your phone, then calls will work.

This will depend on the version of WhatsApp/Telegram you have on your device and which phone model you have.


Final thought Telegram vs WhatsApp is still a very interesting conversation. And I think it will continue to be one of the top conversations for quite some time. I think you can say that WhatsApp is better for your messages while Telegram is better for your conversations. And we all agree that Telegram is more secure. But I do think Telegram has the advantage that WhatsApp doesn’t provide a way to delete messages. I hope that Telegram will one day implement delete function in their platform because it’s such a nice feature to have. In this article, I discussed two other security threats with this platform. I hope that you will find the article interesting.

Thank you for reading and if you want to follow my future work. You can check my social media pages: Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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