Class 10

The board exam is not like any other exam. It is of paramount importance in the student’s life as it determines the stream that they will be able to choose to pursue higher studies. Generally, science stream requires more marks to be scored in this exam. Hence, preparation for this exam should start as early as Class 9. You should learn the basics well and practice ncert solutions for class 9 maths.

Tips to prepare for Class 9 & 10 exams

  • Set priority: Identify and write down the questions that you face trouble and those you are comfortable to answer. It is not mandatory to write all the questions chronologically. Hence, write answers that you know completely and correctly. Doing so will enable you to gain self-confidence. It will also spare sufficient time to recall the answers for other questions that perhaps might appear to be a blur for some time. 
  • Use extra 15 minutes given wisely: All school boards across the nation have introduced additional 15 minutes. This extra time is given to them to enable them to read all the questions first and understand what is asked. You can set your own priority when answering questions. Prepare a strategy to write the exam correctly and smoothly. 
  • Select questions wisely: Some questions given in the paper come with long internal choices. You need to select one for which you know the answers correctly and fully. However, the tricky things faced are that you may determine the questions to attempt on instinct. If so, then you might regret this decision later. It can happen if you try to rush things. Read thoroughly and carefully each question twice. Prepare a mental picture of the points that you plan to write. This way, evaluate your gained knowledge and clear doubts. 
  • Write in brief: First read carefully the questions and get to know what is asked. Accordingly, limit your answer to meet the specific requirements. Do not write huge paragraphs trying to describe something that is not asked or require such explanation. All answers should be left justified. You can get proper guidance from the experts at Cuemath to know how to write questions the correct way and to derive full marks. 
  • Avoid decorating the answer sheet: Ensure that you write in legible, easy to understand and neat handwriting. Also draw diagrams properly. Some students have the habit to write their questions colourfully by using black, green and blue coloured markers or pointers for underlining them or for headings. Decorative work will only waste precious time and also will not provide you with additional marks. Perhaps, you might not be able to solve some questions thus, being compelled to leave them. Use just two pens, like black for headings and blue to write the text. When drawing diagrams, always use a sharpened drawing pencil. This way, your answer sheet will appear simple, and you can get time to write more. 
  • Attempt all questions: This is crucial to score full marks. Remember in Class 9 & 10 board exams, no negative markings are given for wrong answers. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid when it comes to answering questions especially of those that you are confused with. Understand, there is nothing to lose. Go through each and every question carefully. Try to evaluate what you know, which ones can be attempted and leave one when options are concerned. Get to know the genre of each question and what exactly is demanded. Knowing the answer, you can start writing it. Otherwise, come up with a smart guess. Examiners prefer appropriate keywords or technical terms to give marks. 
  • Space out every word: Your words should be spaced out properly. Avoid squeezing ten words within the same line. Overlapped words will only be confusing and compel the examiner to give fewer marks to it. Rather, the paper should appear neat & clean. 

Preparing ncert solutions for class 10 maths will do a lot of good to your confidence and also improve your marks significantly.

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