Unblock ExtraTorrent Proxy [100% Working]

Here, We listed some 100% Working Conditions ExtraTorrent proxy & Mirror site list that you can unblock Extratorrents and download torrents.

Welcome to Best ExtraTorrents. In this article, learn how to unblock extratorrent proxy. Also, we have prepared some best 100% working condition extratorrents proxy and mirror sites list. This will be very helpful in finding the torrents of your needs from the internet. So let’s start.

Today we are going to talk about a very famous BitTorrent website called Extratorrent. This is a very well-known torrent website from which you can download any type of media file of your choice. You should use this website because this website provides the best quality torrent links and it is also very easy to use Extratorrent. It is not complicated like the rest of the website, its UI is awesome, simple, and clear.

Although there are many torrent websites on the Internet, a lot of work is such websites that can be accessed. Torrent websites are banned in many countries and you cannot use them. But there are some ways by which you can use these torrent websites and download any media files as per your choice whether it is movies, songs, or any software.

Now you know about the ExtraTorrent Website, but now let’s talk about how to use it. If you do a search on the Internet about this, you will find many such methods by which you can use the Extratorrent website. But you probably know how much fraud has increased these days.

Most of those methods are fake. But you don’t have to take tension about it. In this article, you have been told about the methods to use it. There are some ways to unblock extratorrent proxy, which you will come to know in this article further. But the most well-known method is Extratorrents unblock proxy.

So here is a list of some 100% working proxies so that you can unblock Extratorrents proxy.

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ExtraTorrent Proxy & Mirror List for 2020

Here is a list of some working Extratorrents unblock proxy to access this one of the best BitTorrent websites.

Disclaimer: We never support download copyright-protected content, this article is for information purpose only.

Alternatives for Extratorrent

Here are some of the best alternatives for Extratorrent.

  1. The pirate bay
  2. 1337x
  3. RARBG
  4. Torrentz2
  5. Limetorrent
  •  The pirate bay:- this is the world’s most famous and number one torrent search engine. You should use this torrent website to get downloaded your favorite media file with a number of clicks.
  •  1337x:- 1337x is another torrent search engine to download your all-time favorite media files.
  •  RARBG:- this is also one of the most famous torrent search engines. You can use the RARBG torrent website to download any time of media files like movies, songs, software, etc.
  •  Torrentz2:- this is one of the best alternatives to the Extratorrents torrent search engine to download your favorite media files like movies, songs, videos, software, etc.
  •  Lime torrent:- this is the top-level torrent search engine to download media files. This is the best alternative to the Extratorrents torrent website.

How to unblock ExtraTorrent proxy in 2020

The blocked list of ExtraTorrent is growing very fast. But one good thing is that you can still use this one of the best and popular torrent websites. So let’s know how you can download your favorite movies, songs, software, or any other type of media file using ExtraTorrent.

As I just said that you could use this website with the help of proxy, but VPN is the second-best way to use it. With the help of a VPN, you can use the ExtraTorrent website. So let’s know how to use or Unblock ExtraTorrent proxy with the help of a VPN.

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Unblock The ExtraTorrent with VPN

If you use the right VPN service or provider, then unblocking ExtraTorrent is not a difficult task for you.

1. First of all, you have to choose a VPN provider or service whose servers are high-speed, and the country for which you are using VPN should not have difficulty connecting to the country. If you are having trouble finding such a VPN, then you can use the most famous and best VPN, which is a Nord VPN. You can easily connect to any country using this VPN, and its server is also speedy. You are not going to face any problem in using this VPN.

Best ExtraTorrents recommends you to use NordVPN. Which is one of the Largest VPN service provider. Checkout Here: Get Deal & Gift.

2. Now you need to sign up for this best service and download their app on your smartphone.

3. After registering successfully, you need to follow their instructions to connect to their server in a country.

4. Hurray! All done now, you are connected to their server. Now you can access the ExtraTorrent search engine safely.

Unblock the ExtraTorrent using TOR Browser

Another excellent way with which you can unblock ExtraTorrent is the TOR browser. The Tor Browser is free software that keeps you ignorant. You can easily unblock ExtraTorrent by using the TOR browser. After unlocking it, you can download as many media files as you like.


Now you have almost complete information about ExtraTorrent. In this article, you have been told about the proxy and some methods by which you can use ExtraTorrent. I hope you liked this article and this article helped you. My advice is that whenever you use the torrent website, you must use a VPN as it keeps your IP address hidden.

Other Proxy Websites

✔ ExtraTorrents Proxy

✔ Torrentz2 Proxy

✔ 1337x Proxy


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