Amazon Prime Account Inc is the leader in online commerce. Initially, it started bookselling but instantly stretched into the other products. The company focuses on digital streaming, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence.

Amazon is one of the Big Four tech companies that include Microsoft, Google, and Apple. It has been referred to as amongst the most influential cultural and economic forces in the world. The company is known for its disruption of well-established industries through mass scale and technological innovation.

Amazon is the world’s largest Al assistant provider, online market place, and cloud computing platform, as calculated by revenue and market capitalization. In this article, we will discuss its services and how to make free amazon prime account.

Amazon Services

Amazon offers several services, and some of its services are discussed below;

Amazon Prime: amazon prime is a subscription service provided by Amazon that gives access to services that would otherwise be unavailable or charge extra to the standard Amazon user. The service includes free on to two days delivery, streaming videos and music, and several other benefits.

Consumer Electronics: Amazon has been selling consumer electronics for about 20 years. The electronics category of Amazon is made up of several subcategories, including Audio and home theatre, Wearable technology, Portable audio, Office electronics, musical instruments, Car electronics and GPS, Camera, and photos, etc. Users can buy pretty much any consumer electronics items from leading brands to cheaper alternatives.

Digital Content: The service was launched in 2001 to enable users to buy digital content, with Amazon collecting a percentage of the payment and a fee.

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Today, this service is replaced by Amazon Pay, an online payments processing service. It focuses on providing users the option to pay with Amazon accounts or external merchant websites. Amazon pay features a wide range of products for customer sand merchants to process online payments and buy services and goods from mobile apps and websites using the payment methods and addresses stored in the Amazon account, such as direct debit bank account or credit cards.

How to Make Free Amazon Prime Account?

Below are given some simple steps that you can follow to make free Amazon prime account, and for this process, you must have a current active credit card ; you can try fake credit card generator for amazon instead of a real credit card. But there is no gurentee that this fake car will work or not.

  • Navigate to Amazon Website and click on try the prime option to the top left corner.
  • Create your account with your detail and payment methods.
  • A screen will appear with an option of Start your trial.
  • Select start your trial option.
  • Enjoy accessing the features of Amazon Prime account, including Amazon Prime Video.


Amazon largely stems from its innovative technologies and practices. The company offers world-class customer services and developed several tools that users can employ to track the package and immediately exchange or return order items. Taking Start as an online bookstore, today, Amazon offers everything from soup to nuts.


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