attorney in case of road accidents

Following a road accident, one of the questions that often arise is how to behave to obtain fair and quick compensation for all the damages. Let’s see why and when to rely on a professional attorney in case of road accidents.

When the Injury is minor, the accident dynamics are precise, and only two drivers are involved. They agree on the division of responsibilities; it is sufficient to fill in the amicable statement correctly and entirely and promptly send a road accident report to the insurance.

What can you do when the damage is severe, injuries, or even a loved one is lost due to a fatal road accident?

What to do when the counterparty does not intend to take full responsibility for the accident or when the insurance company believes it does not have to make an offer or the amount of the latter seems too low?

2 solutions for Road accident victims:

  • Leave the compensation to the insurance company that deals with the insurance company for the responsible driver. This solution is simple and free. However, in the case of a severely injured victim, the compensation negotiated between the insurance companies may be against his interests. Both parties may have insurers that belong to the same or the same group. In addition, the various insurers, as the responsible and victim insurers, mutually agree on minimum coverage. There are many reasons not to leave their compensation in their hands.
  • Or leave their case to a road accident lawyer who leads the proceedings or takes legal action. This solution comes at a cost because it needs to supplement the work of a lawyer. However, on the condition that he specializes in road accidents and is a lawyer who is genuinely independent of the insurance company, his compensation is 20% to 30% higher than what is negotiated between insurance companies.
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When should you go to a lawyer for a road accident?

For a traffic accident case, the determination of the accident dynamics, the division of responsibilities, the estimation of damages, the calculation of the compensation, and the same settlement are all tasks carried out by the insurance companies.

When it is the same person who must pay that sum to establish the amount of the compensation, it is easy to understand that some problems may occur.

As long as it comes to an amicable finding signed by both drivers involved and minor vehicle damage, you usually get the compensation you are entitled to without too many complications.

However, when the company was to question the dynamics of the accident, the division of responsibilities or the quantification of the damages suffered, the matter would become more complicated. In these cases, relying on a legal advisor expert in road accidents can help us get what we are entitled. The specialized lawyer or accident agency, on the other hand, continuously deals with compensation for damages deriving from road traffic and, thanks to the experience gained in interfacing with insurance companies, they know the strategies and interventions to achieve fair and rapid compensation.

Why rely on a lawyer specializing in road accidents?

The most structured and equipped agencies and law firms also have, among their employees and trustees, other types of professionals who are indispensable to establish the accident’s responsibilities and quantify in a precise and correct manner the material and health Injury, as experts, engineers, and coroners. For example, through a kinematic survey carried out by engineers and physicists, it is possible to trace the actual dynamics of a road accident and establish who is responsible for the accident.

On the other hand, with a biased medical examination, it is possible to certify the extent of all physical and mental injuries suffered and to certify the temporary and permanent biological damage sustained by the injured party, with the attribution of any points of disability. It is essential to know that the types of damages that can compensate are many and not always considered by the insurance when determining the amount of compensation, which tends to point downwards.

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A physical impairment, for example, in addition to bodily Injury, can also entail existential damage and non-pecuniary damage to the injured party or his family, and both prejudices must compensate. For this reason, being assisted by a professional expert in road accidents can guarantee us correct management of the insurance compensation request and the necessary documentation to be produced and attached to certify and quantify all the patrimonial and non-patrimonial damages suffered by the injured party and his relatives.

If the insurance opposes resistance, it is necessary to proceed with an out-of-court negotiation. Subsequently, in the event of no agreement, the dispute can be brought to court in front of a judge. Usually, however, insurance companies, when they understand that the injured party is followed by an expert consultant and know they are wrong, rarely tend to go into action, risking having to reimburse the court costs. The issue is resolved quietly in the out-of-court phase.

Conclusion: When an accident becomes severe, it requires the expertise of a lawyer. A professional road accident lawyer is a guarantee of competence. Their long experience allows them to master personal Injury compensation skills and see the differences in approach between courts.

Professional road accident lawyers also guarantee independence. Due to this patriotic activity and the number of cases handled each year, the lawyer can afford to protect the victims and never work for an insurance company.





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