No Audio Output device is installed
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There was a time when people did not have Computers. People used to go to Internet cafes to surf or complete their essential projects. Moreover, Students had to spend hours in their computer Lab to accomplish their assignments. Computers were not affordable to everyone at that time. Very few families could afford computers at that time. Children used to visit their friends to complete projects in the late 90s. However, nowadays, almost every student has a laptop or PC. It is practically impossible these days for children to study without PCs.Anyway, moving forward, we will discuss the Output devices. Also, we will get to know what Audio Output devices are? And what happens when “No audio Output device is installed in your PC or Laptop”! Let’s begin, shall we?

If you are a employee or a student, you must have attended the Computer Class in your school. Borning, wasn’t it? But, it is necessary to have basic knowledge about how to use Computer. Sometimes, we sit and wait for hours for the technician to come and repair your Laptop for a minor error. But, we can fix the little software or hardware errors in your Laptop. 

Similarly, What would you do when no audio Output device is installed on your PC or Laptop? We will answer that for you in this article. However, before this, you must be aware of all the essential terms. Thus, we will start with the basics like What are Output devices? What are Audio Output devices? Etc.

Introduction to Output devices and get the answer to the error : No Audio Output device is installed.

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In layman’s words, Output devices are any such device that provides output or result. Similarly, Output devices are part of the Computer providing the development or Output in the world of technology. Output devices can be a part of Computer hardware or can be attached separately. It is not possible for a human being to understand the language of the Computer. Computer languages are typical and are not readable to everyone except a Computer engineer. Thus, the main aim of Output devices is to convert the data or information into a human-understandable form. Humans are capable of understanding text, videos, audio, graphics and Haptic technology. 

Therefore, using an Output device can help you understand your Computer’s function better. Also, through the Output device, Computer makes understand its functions/conclusions.

There are several types of Output devices. As mentioned above, Output devices can be inside the Computer or can be installed separately. 

Let me share some examples for a better understanding.

Output devices: Types

No Audio Output device is installed
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Monitor or Laptop Screen is an example of an Output device attached to the Computer. The Monitor or Laptop Screen is used to see the Output. For example, if we type anything using Keyboard(input device), we can see the result on the Monitor. However, we are not aware of all the calculations done by the computer to type the letter or letters we want. Thus, MOnitor is an Output device.

Moreover, Monitor is a Visual Display Unit or VDU that displays the data or result in graphics or pictures. The monitor was a part of Television in the 90s. However, it soon became a vital part of Computers for displaying the result of information. Computers did not have any Monitors before. The size of Charles Babbage’s Computer was that of a room. This means we are lucky to have compact and portable PCs.


Another essential part of computers. It is one of the primary Output devices we use these days. As the name suggests, a printer is an auxiliary device used to print information on a paper. For example, if you have done your whole project on your computer and want the same on paper, you can use Printer. You may give your computer instructions, and the Computer will provide instructions to the printer to form the result. Printers are a necessity these days. Without Printers, we will not be able to read newspapers. Printing Press is a type of Printer that prints millions of copies of newspapers in a single day. You can not imagine a school, office, or hospital without Printers. Nowadays, everything is documented, and Printers do all the work. It is indeed a boon for society. 3D printers are the most popular printers these days.

The above mentioned are the main types of Output devices used to display or show information in text, graphics etc. But, what about Audio? You do listen to songs using a Laptop, don’t you? Sometimes, you connect speakers to your Laptop to amplify the sound. However, Do you see any speakers attached to your computer? Have you ever wondered where your Computer’s speaker is? Do you want to know where the sound comes from?

Your Computer has a pre-installed audio device called Speaker. These speakers are responsible for converting the instructions into audio. Let us discuss this Output device in detail:-


Speaker is a fine example of an audio Output device. There are two types of speakers: Internal and External Speakers. 

Internal Speakers are the embedded speakers. This means they exist inside the Computer. The function of Internal and External speakers are almost similar. The primary role of the speaker is to convert the data or information in the form of audio. For example, whenever you instruct your Computer to play some music, the Computer gives instructions to the speakers to correct the information in the form of audio. You can control this audio using the Volume button. Now the question arises: What is the use of an external Speaker? What are the benefits of using external speakers?

Now, External speakers are a type of Output device. However, it is not a part of the Computer. It would be better if you connect it to the computer separately. The primary function of an External speaker is to provide amplified audio. External speaker enhances the sound of the Audio Output. You can listen to your favourite songs at maximum volume using external speakers.

As I mentioned, Speaker is a type of Audio Output device. Do you know the meaning of the Audio Output devices?

Any device connected to your Computer and provides sound/audio or speech as the Output is Audio Output Devices.

We connect Bluetooth speakers with our phones, Loudspeakers to our Television, Headphones or Sound card to our Laptop. They all are the types of Audio Output devices. The result or outcome of all these devices is either audio/sound or speech.

Sound Card:-

It is a unique type of Output device. Nowadays, laptops come with a Sound card or audio card already embedded in the motherboard. However, if you need to add more sound cards for better results, you can do that. The primary function of the sound cards is to convert the digital audio into Electronic sound waves. This makes the sound waves travel easily to the speaker or loudspeaker. Please note that Sound cards are not capable of playing audio files. However, they make it easy for the information to convert into the desired form.

Also, Sound cards consist of an embedded DAC. This DAC or Digital to Analog Converter converts the digital signals into Analog form. Thus, when you connect a speaker or an amplifier to your Computer. The data travels to these Output devices with ease after conversion.

Also, it is essential to note that SOund Card is a type of Device driver. Device drivers are a type of computer program. It helps or provides instructions to the Computer to make the best use of the external output devices connected to it. For example, if you attach a speaker to your Laptop, the device drivers will guide your Computer about what to do next. This when the Digital to Analog conversion will take place using sound cards.

Device drivers are an instruction guide for your Computer. 

However, you often get a “No Audio Output device is installed” message. This generally happens when you try to connect any external Output device to your Computer. Do you know the reason behind this? How to fix this error?

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Let me guide you with the cause of the error and how to fix this.

How to rectify” No Audio Output device is Installed” Situation:-

Sometimes, when the Laptop gets old, or any Audio Output device gets damaged, it stops functioning. Thus, the system starts displaying the error message “No Audio Output device is installed” whenever you attempt to play any sound. This happens due to the dysfunctionality of the Audio Output devices.

 Some of the primary reasons for the dysfunction of the Audio devices are:-

Windows Update:- This is a surprising reason, of course! However, sometimes, when you do not update your system’s windows, the output devices stop working usually.

Glitched Audio Drivers:-Please make sure to update your device’s Audio drivers. Suppose the audio drivers are not up-to-date. You will not be able to listen to your favourite’s tracks. The system will always show the same message again and again: No Audio Output device is installed.

Other possible reasons are:- Playback devices are not working. Avoid Output devices connection at the wrong ports. Make sure to check the connections. In the case of a Bluetooth or wireless output device, do not forget to pair it with your system to establish a relationship.

The possible solution to this error is to update the windows and troubleshoot audio issues. Your Computer will auto fix the problem; if not, then it will guide you. Moreover, you can update drivers using Device Manager. 

Conclusion of No Audio Output device is installed on:-

Today, in this article, we discuss the Computer and its output device. We got the basic knowledge about the Audio Output devices and their functions. Also,  we learned about how to tackle some technical issues instead of calling a technician. The article will help you to troubleshoot your Laptop and solve the errors. Now, you need not wait for any professional to fix the minor issue in your Laptop. In the end, I hope you like the article. Thank you and take care!


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